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Institution Date Title Author
國立成功大學 2022-05 Linking Room- and Low-Temperature Electrical Performance of MOS Gate Stacks for Cryogenic Applications Kao;K-H;Godfrin;C;Elsayed;A;Li;R;Simoen;E;Grill;A;Kubicek;S;Radu;I, P.;Govoreanu;B
國立成功大學 2021-04 Nonlinear trapping in wave-particle interactions in tokamaks Shaing;K, C.;Garcia-Munoz;M;Viezzer;E;Chu;M, S.
國立成功大學 2021-02-26 The morphologic correlation between vortex transformation and upper critical field line in opal-based nanocomposites Lee;M, K.;Charnaya;E;V;Muehlbauer;S;Jeng;U;Chang;L, J.;Kumzerov;Yu, A.
國立成功大學 2020-05 Nonlinear trapping in the bounce-transit and drift resonance and neoclassical toroidal plasma viscosity in tokamaks Shaing;K, C.;Garcia-Munoz;M;Viezzer;E
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T14:56:18Z Comparison of epidemiology and treatment outcome of patients with candidemia at a teaching hospital in Northern Taiwan, in 2002 and 2010 Chen, P.-Y. and Chuang, Y.-C. and Wang, J.-T. and Sheng, W.-H. and Yu, C.-J. and Chu, C.-C. and Hsueh, P.-R. and Chang, S.-C. and Chen, Y.-C.; Chen, Pao-Yu;Chuang, Yu-Chung;Wang, Jann-Tay;Sheng, Wang-Huei;Yu, Chung-Jen;Chu, Chen-Chen;Hsueh, Po-Ren;Chang, Shan-Chwen;Chen, Yee-Chun; 張上淳;朱蓁蓁;薛博仁;余忠仁;陳宜君;盛望徽;王振泰;莊祐中; 張上淳;朱蓁蓁;薛博仁;余忠仁;陳宜君;盛望徽;王振泰;莊祐中; Chen, Pao-Yu; PO-REN HSUEH; WANG-HUEI SHENG; Chuang, Yu-Chung; SHAN-CHWEN CHANG; Wang, Jann-Tay; YEE-CHUN CHEN; Sheng, Wang-Huei; YU-CHUNG CHUANG; Yu, Chung-Jen; JANN-TAY WANG; Chu, Chen-Chen; Hsueh, Po-Ren; Chang, Shan-Chwen; Chen, Yee-Chun; ?E????
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T14:49:38Z Long-term outcome of patients with acute cholecystitis receiving antibiotic treatment: A retrospective cohort study Wang, C.-H. and Chou, H.-C. and Liu, K.-L. and Lien, W.-C. and Wang, H.-P. and Wu, Y.-M.; Wang, Chih-Hung;Chou, Hao-Chang;Liu, Kao-Lang;Lien, Wan-Ching;Wang, Hsiu-Po;Wu, Yao-Ming; 連琬菁;王秀伯;王志宏;劉高郎;吳耀銘; CHIH-HUNG WANG; Hou, Hsin-An; Wang, Chih-Hung; KAO-LANG LIU; Lin, Yun-Chu; Chou, Hao-Chang; WAN-CHING LIEN; Liu, Kao-Lang; Kuo, Yuan-Yeh; Chou, Wen-Chien; Lien, Wan-Ching; YAO-MING WU; Wang, Hsiu-Po; Lin, Chien-Chin; Wu, Yao-Ming; Liu, Chieh-Yu; Chen, Chien-Yuan; Lin, Liang-In; Tseng, Mei-Hsuan; Huang, Chi-Fei; Chiang, Ying-Chieh; Liu, Ming-Chih; Liu, Chia-Wen; Tang, Jih-Luh; Yao, Ming; Huang, Shang-Yi; Ko, Bor-Sheng; Hsu, Szu-Chun; Wu, Shang-Ju; Tsay, Woei; Chen, Yao-Chang; Tien, Hwei-Fang; ?L??k; ?L?N?R; ????; ?L?G??; ????; ?????; ?????; ?_???; ?}??E; ?????; ?B??K; ???y?g; ?????M; ???t?t; ?d?|??; ??u?S; ?P???; ?J?H?w
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T09:40:54Z Intervertebral anticollision constraints improve out-of-plane translation accuracy of a single-plane fluoroscopy-to-CT registration method for measuring spinal motion 簡榮彥;邱偉益;余忠仁;薛博仁;Hsueh, Po-Ren;Wang, Ting-Ming;Yu, Chong-Jen;Tsai, Tsung-Yuan;Chiang, Chia-Jung;Shih, Ting-Fang;Chien, Shun-Tien;Chiu, Wei-Yih;Lu, Tung-Wu;Lu, Tung-Wu;TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH;Chien, Jung-Yien;Lin, Cheng-Chung;Lin, Cheng-Chung;Hsu, Shih-Jung;Wang, Ting-Ming;Tsai, Tsung-Yuan;Shih, Ting-Fang;Lu, Tung-Wu;Lin, Cheng-Chung; Lin, Cheng-Chung; Lu, Tung-Wu; Shih, Ting-Fang; Tsai, Tsung-Yuan; Wang, Ting-Ming; Hsu, Shih-Jung; Lin, Cheng-Chung; Lin, Cheng-Chung; Chien, Jung-Yien; TIFFANY TING-FANG SHIH; Lu, Tung-Wu; Lu, Tung-Wu; Chiu, Wei-Yih; Chien, Shun-Tien; Shih, Ting-Fang; Chiang, Chia-Jung; Tsai, Tsung-Yuan; Yu, Chong-Jen; Wang, Ting-Ming; Hsueh, Po-Ren; ?????; ?E????; ?????q; ??a??
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T08:30:36Z Human bocavirus as an important cause of respiratory tract infection in Taiwanese children 莊佳韻;高全良;黃立民;呂俊毅;邵蓓嵐;李秉穎;張鑾英; Chuang, C.-Y. and Kao, C.-L. and Huang, L.-M. and Lu, C.-Y. and Shao, P.-L. and Lee, P.-I. and Chang, L.-Y.; CHUANG, CHIA-YUNN;KAO, CHUAN-LIANG;HUANG, LI-MIN;LU, CHUN-YI;SHAO, PEI-LAN;LEE, PING-ING;CHANG, LUAN-YIN; PING-ING LEE; Chen, Pao-Yu; LUAN-YIN CHANG; Chuang, Yu-Chung; LI-MIN HUANG; Wang, Jann-Tay; Sheng, Wang-Huei; CHUN-YI LU; Yu, Chung-Jen; CHUAN-LIANG KAO; Chu, Chen-Chen; Hsueh, Po-Ren; Chang, Shan-Chwen; CHUANG, CHIA-YUNN; KAO, CHUAN-LIANG; Chen, Yee-Chun; HUANG, LI-MIN; LU, CHUN-YI; SHAO, PEI-LAN; LEE, PING-ING; CHANG, LUAN-YIN; ?i?W?E; ????; ?????; ?E????; ???y?g; ??????; ??????; ??????
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T08:07:30Z The impact of stroke: Insights from patients in Taiwan Lee, Ya-Chen;Chen, Yi-Miau;Hsueh, I-Ping;Wang, Yen-Ho;Hsieh, Ching-Lin; Lee, Y.-C. and Chen, Y.-M. and Hsueh, I.-P. and Wang, Y.-H. and Hsieh, C.-L.; Liao, Wei-Yu; Lee, Ya-Chen; I-PING HSUEH; Chen, Yi-Miau; Ho, Chao-Chi; CHING-LIN HSIEH; Hou, Hsin-Han; Hsueh, I-Ping; Wang, Yen-Ho; Hsu, Tsi-Hsuan; Tsai, Meng-Feng; Hsieh, Ching-Lin; Chen, Kuan-Yu; Chen, Hsuan-Yu; Lee, Yung-Chie; Yu, Chong-Jen; Lee, Chau-Hwang; Yang, Pan-Chyr; ?????; ????R; ???a?t; ?E????; ??F??; ?????Q
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T07:39:46Z Allelic switching of the imprinted IGF2R gene in cloned bovine fetuses and calves Curchoe, C.L.; Evans, A.C.; Bol; , E.; Rizos, D.; Fair, T.; Duffy, P.; Sung, L.Y.; Du, F.; Chaubal, S.; Xu, J.; Wechayant, T.; Yang, X.; Lonergan, P.; Parnpai, R.; Tian, X.C.; Suteevun-Phermthai, T.; LI-YING SUNG et al.
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T07:26:07Z Test-retest reproducibility and smallest real difference of 5 hand function tests in patients with stroke ?????; Chen, HM;Chen, CC;Hsueh, IP;Huang, SL;Hsieh, CL; Chen, H.-M. and Chen, C.C. and Hsueh, I.-P. and Huang, S.-L. and Hsieh, C.-L.; SHEAU-LING HUANG; Chen, HM; I-PING HSUEH; Chen, CC; Hsueh, IP; CHING-LIN HSIEH; Huang, SL; Hsieh, CL; CHANG, YEUN-CHUNG; YU, CHONG-JEN; LEE, WEN-JENG; KUO, SOW-HSONG; HSIAO, CHENG-HSIANG; JAN, I-SHIOW; HU, FU-CHANG; LIU, HON-MAN; CHAN, WING-KAI; YANG, PAN-CHYR; ?i????; ?E????; ?????; ?????; ??????; ??@?q; ?J??j; ???~??; ???a??
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T06:33:17Z Pregnancy and fetal characteristics after transfer of vitrified in vivo and cloned bovine embryos Evans, A.C.O.; Bol; , E.; Rizos, D.; Fair, T.; Duffy, P.; Sung, L.-Y.; Du, F.; Chaubal, S.; Xu, J.; Yang, X.; Tian, X.C.; Lonergan, P.; LI-YING SUNG et al.; Chen, Chi-An
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T05:23:42Z Coherent configuration and operation of building transportation systems Luh, P.B.; Michel, L.; Santos Jr.; E.; Yu, D.; See, A.; Xiong, B.; Johnson, G.; Chang, S.C.; SHI-CHUNG CHANG
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T04:59:39Z Sensor- Controlled Robot Hand With Intelligent Sensors for Flexible Assembly R. C. Luo;D. Gr;e; R. C. Luo; D. Gr; e; REN-CHYUAN LUO
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T04:35:45Z Sensors for Cleaning Castings with Robot and Plasma Arc Torch R. C. Luo;S. Suresh;D. Gr;e; R. C. Luo; S. Suresh; D. Gr; e; REN-CHYUAN LUO
國立成功大學 2017-11 Proposal and verification numerical simulation for a microwave forward scattering technique at upper hybrid resonance for the measurement of electron gyroscale density fluctuations in the electron cyclotron frequency range in magnetized plasmas Kawamori;E;Igami;H
國立成功大學 2017-09-1 Synthesis, crystal structure and thermoelectric properties of a new metal telluride Ba3Ag3InTe6 Lee;M, -Y.;Bilc;D, I.;Symeou;E;Lin;Y, -C.;Liang;I, -C.;Kyratsi;T;Hsu;K, -F.
國立成功大學 2017-05 The leading role of atomic oxygen in the collocation of elves and hydroxyl nightglow in the low-latitude mesosphere Wu;Y, J.;Williams;E;Chang;S, C.;Chou;J, K.;Hsu;R, R. R.;Friedrich;M;Kuo;C, L.;Chen;A, B.;Peng;K, M.;Su;H, T.;Frey;H, U.;Mende;S, B.;Takahashi;Y;Lee;L, C.
高雄醫學大學 2016 EEG patterns under positive/negative body postures and emotion recall tasks 蔡欣宜;Peper;E.;林宜美; Tsai;H.Y.;Peper;E.;Lin;I.M.
高雄醫學大學 2016 The efficacy of neurofeedback among patients with major depressive disorder: preliminary study 王三瑜;林宜美;Peper;E.;陳毓婷;唐子俊;葉怡君;蔡宇哲;朱哲成; Wang;S.Y.;Lin;I.M.;Peper;E.;Chen;Y.T.;Tang;T.C.;Yeh;Y.C.;Tsai;Y.C.;Chu, &;C.C.
高雄醫學大學 2016 Increase strength and mood with posture Peper;E.;Booiman;A.;林宜美;Harvey;R.; Peper;E.;Booiman;A.;Lin;I.M.;Harvey, &;R.
高雄醫學大學 2016 Breathing and math performance: Implications for performance and neurotherapy Peper;E.;Lee;S.;Harvey;R.;林宜美; Peper;E.;Lee;S.;Harvey;R.;Lin;I.M.
高雄醫學大學 2016 The efficacy of neurofeedback among patients with major depressive disorder: preliminary study 王三瑜;林宜美;Peper;E.;陳毓婷;唐子俊;葉怡君;蔡宇哲;朱哲成; Wang;S.Y.;Lin;I.M.;Peper;E.;Chen;Y.T.;Tang;T.C.;Yeh;Y.C.;Tsai;Y.C.;Chu, &;C.C.
高雄醫學大學 2015 GSKIP- and GSK3-mediated anchoring強化cAMP/PKA/Drp1 軸調控粒線體腫長 羅永欽;林敬智(共同第一);周佳樺;陳宛霞;楊明昌;洪明昌;周安國;張中興;王記慧;劉安祥;洪純隆;洪義人; a, Joon-Khim Loh;b;1;c, Ching-Chih Lin;1;Yangd, Ming-Chang;e;c, Chia-Hua Chou;d;c, Wan-Shia Chen;c, Ming-Chang Hong;f;d, Chung-Lung Cho;d, Ching-Mei Hsu;d, Jiin-Tsuey Cheng;f, An-Kuo Chou;g, Chung-Hsing Chang;h;i, Chao-Neng Tseng;Wangj, Chi-Huei;a, Ann-Shung Lieu;a, Shen-Long Howng;Hong, Yi-Ren
高雄醫學大學 2015 Did you ask about abdominal surgery or injury A learned disuse risk factor for breathing dysfunction Peper;E.;Gilbert;C.D.;Harvey;R.;林宜美; Peper;E.;Gilbert;C.D.;Harvey;R.;Lin, &;I.M.

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