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國立政治大學 2017-04 Strategic Motives Drive Proposers to Offer Fairly in Ultimatum Games: An fMRI Study Chen, Y.-H.;Chen, Y.-C.;Kuo, W.-J.;Kan, K.;Yang, C.C.;Yen, Nai Shing; 顏乃欣
國立臺灣科技大學 2015 Associated and dissociated neural substrates of aesthetic judgment and aesthetic emotion during the appreciation of everyday designed products Yeh, Y.-C.;Lin, C.-W.;Hsu, W.-C.;Kuo, W.-J.;Chan, Y.-C.
國立政治大學 2011-09 The effects of expected value and risk level in a modified IGT: A fMRI study 顏乃欣; Yen, N. S.; Kao, C. H.; Chung, H. K.; Kuo, W. J.
國立臺灣大學 2009 Intuition and Deliberation: Two Systems for Strategizing in the Brain Kuo, W.J.; Sjostrom, T.; Chen, Y.P.; Wang, Y.H.; Huang, C.Y.
國立臺灣大學 2008 An fficient Hierarchical Localization for Indoor Mobile Robot with Wireless Sensor and Pre-Constructed Map Lam, C.P.; Kuo, W.J.; Liao, C.F.; Jong,Y.W.; Fu, L.C.; Feng, J.Y.
淡江大學 2004-09 Heat Transfer Characteristics of Gaseous Flow in Long Mini- and Microtubes Chen, Ching-shung; Kuo, W.J.
淡江大學 2004-06 Numerical Study of Compressible Turbulent Flow in Microtubes Chen, Ching-shung; Kuo, W.J.
淡江大學 2003-10 Squeeze and Viscous Damping in Micro Electrostatic Comb Drives Chen, Ching-shung; Kuo, W.J.
淡江大學 2003-09 Heat Transfer and Flow Friction for Gaseous Flow in Microtubes Chen, C. S.; Kuo, W. J.
淡江大學 2001-05 微圓管滑動氣體流場摩擦特性之探討 郭維仁; Kuo, W. J.; 康尚文; Kuo, W. J.; 陳慶祥; Chen, C. S.

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