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Institution Date Title Author
中山醫學大學 2017-07 The attenuation of renal fibrosis by histone deacetylase inhibitors is associated with the plasticity of FOXP3+IL-17+ T cells WP, Wu; YG, Tsai; TY, Lin; MJ, Wu; CY, Lin
中山醫學大學 2016-07 Higher Variability of Tacrolimus Trough Level Increases Risk of Acute Rejection in Kidney Transplant Recipients CT, Huang; KH, Shu; HC, Ho; MJ, Wu
中山醫學大學 2016-05 Long-Term Outcome of Liver Transplant Recipients After the Development of Renal Failure Requiring Dialysis: A Study Using the National Health Insurance Database in Taiwan TJ, Wang; CH, Lin; SN, Chang; SB, Cheng; CW, Chou; CH, Chen; KH, Shu; MJ, Wu
中山醫學大學 2016-04 Prognosis of Kidney Transplant Recipients With Pretransplantation Malignancy: A Nationwide Population-Based Cohort Study in Taiwan HF, Chiu; MC, Chung; CJ, Chung; TM, Yu; KH, Shu; MJ, Wu
中山醫學大學 2016-02 Current Safety of Renal Allograft Biopsy With Indication in Adult Recipients: An Observational Study SF, Tsai; CH, Chen; KH, Shu; CH, Cheng; TM, Yu; YW, Chuang; ST, Huang; JL, Tsai; MJ, Wu
中山醫學大學 2015-10 Urinary Cyclophilin A as a New Marker for Diabetic Nephropathy: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Diabetes Mellitus SF, Tsai; CW, Su; MJ, Wu; CH, Chen; CP, Fu; CS, Liu; Hsieh, M
中山醫學大學 2015-01 Gab1 is essential for membrane translocation, activity and integrity of mTORCs after EGF stimulation in urothelial cell carcinoma CH, Chang; PC, Chan; JR, Li; CJ, Chen; JJ, Shieh; YC, Fu; HC, Chen; MJ, Wu
臺北醫學大學 2015 Feasibility of using the international classification of functioning, disability and health core set for evaluation of fall-related risk factors in acute rehabilitation settings SW, Huang;LF, Lin;LC, Chou;MJ, Wu;CD, Liao;TH, Liou
中山醫學大學 2014-12 Increased risk of post-transplant malignancy and mortality in transplant tourists: a nationwide population-based cohort study in Taiwan MC, Chung; MJ, Wu; CH, Chang; CH, Muo; TM, Yu; HC, Ho; KH, Shu; CJ, Chung
中山醫學大學 2014-05 Anticancer Benefits of Early Versus Late Use of Rapamycin in a Rat Model of Urothelial Carcinoma CH, Chang; YC, Fu; JR, Li; KH, Shu; HC, Ho; YN, Shiu; MJ, Wu
中山醫學大學 2014-05 Rapamycin promotes podocyte migration through the up-regulation of urokinase receptor MJ, Wu; CH, Chang; KH, Shu; HC, Ho; JR, Li; YC, Fu
中山醫學大學 2014-05 A nationwide population-based study of the risk of tuberculosis in different solid organ transplantations in Taiwan CH, Chen; KH, Shu; HC, Ho; SB, Cheng; CC, Lin; HJ, Wei; CH, Lin; SN, Chang; MJ, Wu
中山醫學大學 2014-04 Cytomegalovirus disease after liver transplantation: a nationwide population-based study PY, Liu; SB, Cheng; CC, Lin; CH, Lin; SN, Chang; CY, Cheng; ZY, Shi; KC, Tung; MJ, Wu
中山醫學大學 2014-01 Addition of immunosuppressive treatment to hemoperfusion is associated with improved survival after paraquat poisoning: a nationwide study WP, Wu; MN, Lai; CH, Lin; YF, Li; CY, Lin; MJ, Wu
中山醫學大學 2014 Reduced variability of tacrolimus trough level in once-daily tacrolimus-based Taiwanese kidney transplant recipients with high-expressive genotype of cytochrome P450 3A5 MJ, Wu; CH, Chang; CY, Cheng; KH, Shu; CH, Chen; CH, Cheng; TM, Yu; YW, Chuang; ST, Huang; SF, Tsai; HC, Ho; JR, Li; YN, Shiu; YC, Fu
中山醫學大學 2014 Trend of outcomes in renal transplant recipients with hepatitis B virus: a longitudinal analysis using a national database SF, Tsai; KH, Shu; HC, Ho; CY, Cheng; CH, Lin; SN, Chang; MJ, Wu
中山醫學大學 2014 Universal valganciclovir prophylaxis significantly reduces episodes of first-year cytomegalovirus disease and biopsy-proven acute rejection in kidney transplant recipients PT, Tu; KH, Shu; CH, Cheng; CH, Chen; TM, Yu; YW, Chuang; ST, Huang; SF, Tsai; CY, Cheng; MJ, Wu
中山醫學大學 2014 Outcome of lupus nephritis after entering into end-stage renal disease and comparison between different treatment modalities: a nationwide population-based cohort study in Taiwan MJ, Wu; YC, Lo; JL, Lan; TM, Yu; KH, Shu; DY, Chen; HC, Ho; CH, Lin; SN, Chang
中山醫學大學 2014 Influence of pretransplantation dialysis time and lupus activity on outcome of kidney transplantation in systemic lupus erythematosus MC, Chung; TM, Yu; KH, Shu; JL, Lan; DY, Chen; HC, Ho; MJ, Wu
中山醫學大學 2014 Uric acid is highly associated with kidney allograft survival in a time-varying analysis SC, Weng; KH, Shu; DC, Tarng; CH, Cheng; CH, Chen; TM, Yu; YW, Chuang; ST, Huang; MJ, Wu
臺北醫學大學 2014 Effect of oral Ferric citrate on serum phosphorus in hemodialysis patients: multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study CT, Lee;IW, Wu;SS, Chiang;YS, Peng;KH, Shu;MJ, Wu;MS, Wu
中山醫學大學 2011-11-28 CD133/Src axis mediates tumor initiating property and epithelial-mesenchymal transition of head and neck cancer. YS, Chen; MJ, Wu; CY, Huang; SC, Lin; TH, Chuang; CC, Yu; JF, Lo
高雄醫學大學 1998 Synthesis and biological activities of aryl propargyl sulfone  吳明忠;林志峰;張麗娟;井寶柱;杜采潓;曾婉婷;李芳城;王盛世;張雪娥; MJ Wu;CF Lin;LJ Chang;PT Jing;PT Jing;TH Duh;WT Tseng;FC Lee;SS Wang;HO Chang
高雄醫學大學 1998 Allene-eneyne related cycloaromatization: design and synthesis of new DNA-cleaving compounds  吳明忠;林志峰;井寶柱;張麗娟;杜采潓;李芳城;陳惠婷; MJ Wu;CF Lin;PT Jing;LJ Chang;TH Duh;HT Chen

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