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Institution Date Title Author
國立臺灣大學 1998 A Unified Multimedia Database System Supporting Tele-Medicine 林仲志;段正仁;劉建財;陳恆順;蘇振隆;陳志宏; LIN, CHUNG-CHIH;DUANN, JENG-REN;LIU, CHIEN-TSAI;CHEN, HENG-SHUEN;SU, JENN-LUNG;CHEN, JYH-HORNG
國立臺灣大學 1998 A unified multimedia database system to support telemedicine Lin, Chung-Chih; Duann, Jeng-Ren; Liu, Chien-Tsai; Chen, Heng-Shuen; Su, Jenn-Lung; Chen, Jyh-Horng
國立臺灣大學 1999 Assessment of left ventricular cardiac shape by the use of volumetric curvature analysis from 3D echocardiography Duann, Jeng-Ren; Chiang, Shan-Hui; Lin, Song-Bin; Lin, Chung-Chih; Chen, Jyh-Horng; Su, Jenn-Lung
國立陽明大學 2009 DTI-based virtual reality system for neurosurgery Lo, Chun-Yi;Chao, Yi-Ping;Chou, Kun-Hsien;Guo, Wan-Yuo;Su, Jenn-Lung;Lin, Ching-Po
中原大學 2006-08 Features Selection of Lesions Image in X-Ray Mammography and Breast Sonography for CAD System Development 賴宣宇;羅畯義;張允中;蘇振隆 ;Lai, Hsuan-Yu;Lo, Chun-Yi;Chang, Yeun-Chung;Su, Jenn-Lung
國立臺灣大學 1997 The Error in Volume Measurement Caused by MR Imaging Duann, Jeng-Ren; Lin, Chung-Chih; Chen, Jyh-Horng; Su, Jenn-Lung
國立臺灣大學 1994 Vibration Arthrometry of the Knee with Torn Meniscus: A Preliminary Report 江清泉;劉益瑞;葉建文;傅式恩;蘇振隆; JIANG, CHING-CHUAN;LIU, YI-JUI;YIP, KIM-MAN;FU, SHIN-EN;SU, JENN-LUNG
中原大學 2007-12 以擴散磁振影像為基礎之三維神經纖維呈現 Diffusion Mri Based 3d Stereo Visualization of Neural Tracts 羅畯義;蘇振隆;趙一平;郭萬祐;林慶波 Lo, Chun-Yi;Su, Jenn-Lung;Chao, Yi-Ping;Guo, Wan-Yuo;Lin, Ching-Po
中原大學 1997-12 利用微波進行遠距急症救護之系統 Microwave Communication for Emergency Medical Service in Remote Region 吳百超;陳偉文;蘇振隆 ;Wu, P. C.;Chen, W. W.;Su, Jenn-Lung
中原大學 2007-12 利用熱影像探討局部壓力與溫度對褥瘡成因之研究 A Study of Local Pressure and Temperature Difference in the Ulcer with Thermal Image 羅億良;饒至剛;蘇振隆 Lo, Yih-Liang;Jao, Chi-Kung;Su, Jenn-Lung
中原大學 1997-12 利用磁振影像進行心臟彩色動能分析 Color Kinesis Via MR Heart Imaging 段正仁;蕭美玉;施怡芬;林松濱;鄭慧正;徐粹烈;胡威志;蘇振隆 ;Duann, Jeng-Ren;Hsiao, Mei-Yu;Shee, I-Fen;Lin, Song-Bin;Cheng, Hui-Cheng;Hsu, Tsui-Lieh;Hu, Wei-Chih;Su, Jenn-Lung
中原大學 1997-12 左心室之體積形態分析方法 Volumetric Shape Analysis of Left Ventricular 段正仁;江三慧;徐粹烈;胡威志;蘇振隆 ;Duann, Jeng-Ren;Chiang, Shan-Hui;Hsu, Tsui-Leih;Hu, Wei-Chih;Su, Jenn-Lung
中原大學 1997-12 彩色影像處理在中醫舌診上之研究 The Color Image Processing of Tongue Diagnosis for Chinese Medicine 林釗傑;劉致華;蘇振隆 ;Lin, C. C.;Liu, C. H.;Su, Jenn-Lung
中原大學 1999-12 數位無線通訊於醫療急症救護之研究 Digital Wireless Communication for Medical Emergency Service 王書政;吳國禎;蘇振隆 ;Wang, S. J.;Wu, G. J.;Su, Jenn-Lung
中原大學 1997-12 波元轉換在醫學影像壓縮之研究 The Study of Wavelet Transform for Medical Image Compression 鄭智仁;賴麗娟;蘇振隆; Jenq, J. R.;Li, L. J.;Su, Jenn-Lung
中原大學 2003-12 無線膠囊內視鏡影像資訊系統之設計 The Design of Image Information System for Wireless Capsule Endoscopy 廖榮聖;方怡仁;蘇振隆 ;Liao, Rung-Sheng;Fang, Yi-Jen;Su, Jenn-Lung
中原大學 1990-12 熱彈波斷層攝影系統 Thermoelastic Waves Computerized Tomography System 蘇振隆;林治義;Su, Jenn-Lung;Lin, James C.
中原大學 1990-12 熱彈波電腦斷層攝影系統之改進 The Improvement of Thermoelastic Waves Computerized Tomography 陳鼎盛;蘇振隆; Chen, Ding-Shenq;Su, Jenn-Lung
中原大學 1997-12 紅外線攝影系統在中醫望診(舌診)系統上之應用 Development of Tongue Diagnosis for Chinese Medicine Using Infrared Image System 劉志强;胡威志;翁清松;蘇振隆;張永賢; Liu, Chih-Chiang;Hu, Wei-Chih;Weng, Ching-Sung;Su, Jenn-Lung;Chang, Yung-Hsien
中原大學 1997-12 舌紅外線影像攝影系統在上消化道病人之運用 Development of Tongue Infrared Image System for Upper GI Patient 廖偉丞;胡威志;翁清松;蘇振隆;張永賢; Liao, Woei-Cheng;Hu, Wei-Chih;Weng, Ching-Sung;Su, Jenn-Lung;Chang, Yung-Hsien
中原大學 1999-12 超音波診斷儀醫療資訊系統之設計 The Design of Medical Information System for Diagnostic Ultrasound Imager 吳文發;蔡宗憲;蘇振隆 ;Wu, Wen-Fa;Tsai, Tsung-Hsien;Su, Jenn-Lung
中原大學 1996-12 醫學影像建構及傳輸系統雛形之探討 Development of a PC Based Picture Archiving and Communication System 蘇振隆;Su, Jenn-Lung
中原大學 1997-12 醫用超音波儀電子病歷系統之設計 The Design of Electronic Patient Pecord for Diagnostic Ultrasound Imager 陳振家;吳文發;蘇振隆 ;Chen, C. J.;Wu, W. F.;Su, Jenn-Lung
中原大學 2007-12 電腦輔助診斷系統評估特徵參數於臨床乳房超音波與乳房腫瘤X光影像 The Evaluation of Parameters in Computer-Aided Diagnosis System for Lesions Breast Sonographics and X-Ray Mammographics 李勇志;賴宣宇;黃綠宣;蘇振隆 Lee, Yung-Jr;Lai, Syuan-Yu;Huang, Lyu-Syuan;Su, Jenn-Lung
中原大學 1999-05 食道超音波心臟影像之形態分析整合系統 Shape Analysis Integrated System of Transesophagus Echocardiography 江三慧;蘇振隆; Chiang, Shan-Hui;Su, Jenn-Lung

Showing items 1-25 of 25  (1 Page(s) Totally)
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