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Institution Date Title Author
國立中山大學 2005 Bulkier Glass Formability Enhanced by Minor Alloying Additions D. Ma;H. Cao;L. Ding;Y.A. Chang;K.C. Hsieh; Y. Pan
國立中山大學 2003 Novel Design of Pentacyclic Scaffold that simulate Saframycin Binding Domains. C.W. Ong; Y.A. Chang
國立中山大學 2002 Pyrrolizine and Indolizine Derivatives from 1,6-Dioxo-2,4-diene by Inter- and Intramolecular Ring Closure C.W. Ong; M.C Lai; Y.A. Chang
國立中山大學 1995 Interdiffusion between the ordered intermetallic compound TiAl and Mo M.X. Zhang;K.C. Hsieh;Y.A. Chang;J.P. Neumann;A.D. Romig Jr
國立中山大學 1993 Oxygen Potentials and Phase Equilibria of the Quaternary Y-Ba-Cu-O System in the Region Involving the YBa2Cu3O7-x Phase K. Fitzner;O. Musbah;K.C. Hsieh;M.X. Zhang;Y.A. Chang
國立中山大學 1992 Fundamental characteristics of wear prticle dposition by an improved ferrographic analysis Y.C. Chiou; R.T. Lee; Y.A. Chang; W.F. Kuo
國立中山大學 1992 Phase Diagram of Ti-Al-O at 1100 C M.X. Zhang;K.C. Hsieh;J. DeKock;Y.A. Chang
國立中山大學 1989 Phase Equilibria of Ga-Ni-As at 600 C and the Structural Relationship between g-Ni3Ga2, g'-Ni13Ga9, and T-Ni3GaAs X.Y. Zheng;J.C. Lin;D. Swenson;K.C. Hsieh;Y.A. Chang
國立中山大學 1989 Interfacial Reactions Between Metal and Gallium Arsenide L.C. Lin;K.J. Schulz;K.C. Hsieh;Y.A. Chang
國立中山大學 1989 The Pb-Te (Lead-Tellurium) System J.C. Lin;K.C. Hsieh;R.C. Sharma;Y.A. Chang
國立中山大學 1988 Reactions Between Palladium and Gallium Arsenide: Bulk vs. Thin-Film Studies J.C. Lin;K.C. Hsieh;K.J. Schulz;Y.A. Chang
國立中山大學 1988 Thermodynamic and Structural Parameters of the Body-Center Tetragonal TiAl Phase K.C. Hsieh;Y.A. Chang
國立中山大學 1987 Phase Diagrams and Thermodynamic Properties of the Ternary Copper-Oxygen-Nickel System J.P. Neumann;K.C. Hsieh;K.C. Vlach;Y.A. Chang
國立中山大學 1987 A Thermodynamic Model for the Ternary Monosulfide Phase with the Nickel Arsenide Structure K.C. Hsieh;R. Schmid;Y.A. Chang
國立中山大學 1987 Thermochemical Description of the Ternary Iron-Nickel-Sulfur System K.C. Hsieh;Y.A. Chang
國立中山大學 1987 A Thermogravimetric Investigation of Fe-Ni-S System from 700 to 900 C K.C. Hsieh;M.Y. Kao;Y.A. Chang
國立中山大學 1987 The Fe-Ni-S System I. A Thermodynamic Analysis of the Phase Equilibria and the Calculation of the Phase Diagram from 1173 to 1623 K K.C. Hsieh;K.C. Vlach;Y.A. Chang
國立中山大學 1986 A Thermodynamic Analysis of the Phase Equilibria of the FE-Ni System Above 1200 K Y.Y. Chuang;K.C. Hsieh;Y.A. Chang
國立中山大學 1986 An EMF Study of the Thermodynamics and Phase Equilibria of Ternary Ni-S-O, Fe-S-O and Quaternary Fe-Ni-S-O at PSO2 = 1 atm K.C. Hsieh;Y.A. Chang
國立中山大學 1986 A Solid State EMF Study of the Cu-Cu2O-NiO Three-Phase Equilibrium Y.Z. You;K.C. Hsieh;Y.A. Chang
國立中山大學 1985 Thermodynamics and Phase Relationships of Transition Metal Sulfur Systems. V: A Re-evaluation of the Fe-S Binary System Y.Y. Chuang;K.C. Hsieh;Y.A. Chang
國立中山大學 1983 A Thermodynamic Analysis of the Sn-Te System and Calculation of Phase Diagram K.C. Hsieh;M.S. Wei;Y.A. Chang
國立中山大學 1982 The Fe-Ni-S System Above 700 C K.C. Hsieh;Y.A. Chang;T. Zhong
國立中山大學 1981 Extension of the associated solution model to ternary metal-sulfur melts: Ni---Co---S at 1,273 K Y.Y. Chuang;K.C. Hsieh;Y.A. Chang

Showing items 1-24 of 24  (1 Page(s) Totally)
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