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Institution Date Title Author
國立成功大學 2016 A novel cloud manufacturing framework with auto-scaling capability for the machining industry Chen, Chao-Chun; Lin, Yu-Chuan; Hung, Min-Hsiung; Lin, Chih-Yin; Tsai, Yen-Ju; Cheng, Fan-Tien
國立成功大學 2016 An ether bridge between cations to extend the applicability of ionic liquids in electric double layer capacitors Huang, Hsin-Chieh; Yen, Yung-Che; Chang, Jui-Cheng; Su, Ching-Wen; Chang, Pei-Yi; Sun, I. -Wen; Hsieh, Chien-Te; Lee, Yuh-Lang; Teng, Hsisheng
國立成功大學 2016 Nanophotonic perovskite solar cell architecture with a three-dimensional TiO2 nanodendrite scaffold for light trapping and electron collection Lin, Sih-Han; Su, Yen-Hsun; Cho, Hsun-Wei; Kung, Po-Yen; Liao, Wen-Pin; Wu, Jih-Jen
國立成功大學 2016 Facile electrochemical preparation of hierarchical porous structures to enhance manganese oxide charge-storage properties in ionic liquid electrolytes Yang, Cheng-Hsien; Sun, I-Wen; Hsieh, Chien-Te; Wu, Tzi-Yi; Su, Ching-Yuan; Li, Yun-Shan; Chang, Jeng-Kuei
國立成功大學 2016 Cost-effectiveness of amlodipine compared with valsartan in preventing stroke and myocardial infarction among hypertensive patients in Taiwan Chan, Lung; Chen, Chen-Huan; Hwang, Juey-Jen; Yeh, San-Jou; Shyu, Kou-Gi; Lin, Ruey-Tay; Li, Yi-Heng; Liu, Larry Z.; Li, Jim Z.; Shau, Wen-Yi; Weng, Te-Chang
國立成功大學 2016 The Impact of IT-Coordination Costs on Firm Size and Productivity: Transaction Cost Perspective Chen, Jengchung V.; Su, Bo-chiuan; Hiele, Timothy M.
國立成功大學 2016 A product manufactures scheduling method based on the grey evaluation Hsiao, Shih-Wen; Lin, Ming-Hsien; Hsiao, Huei-Hua
國立成功大學 2016 The effects of sinusoidal leading edge of turbine blades on the power coefficient of horizontal-axis wind turbine (HAWT) Bai, Chi-Jeng; Wang, Wei-Cheng; Chen, Po-Wei
國立成功大學 2016 A memetic gravitation search algorithm for solving DNA fragment assembly problems Huang, Ko-Wei; Chen, Jui-Le; Yang, Chu-Sing; Tsai, Chun-Wei
國立成功大學 2016 Adoption forecasting of multipurpose smart cards in transit systems Cheng, Yung-Hsiang; Chen, Sz-Fan
國立成功大學 2016 A hydrothermal reaction of an aqueous solution of BSA yields highly fluorescent N doped C-dots used for imaging of live mammalian cells Kumar, Vijay Bhooshan; Sheinberger, Jonathan; Porat, Zeev; Shav-Tal, Yaron; Gedanken, Aharon
國立成功大學 2016 A one-step sonochemical synthesis of stable ZnO-PVA nanocolloid as a potential biocidal agent Nagvenkar, Anjani P.; Deokar, Archana; Perelshtein, Ilana; Gedanken, Aharon
國立成功大學 2016 Cell response on the biomimetic scaffold of silicon nano- and micro-topography Yang, Shih-Ping; Wen, Hsiang-Sheng; Lee, Tzer-Min; Lui, Truan-Sheng
國立成功大學 2016 UV-induced synthesis of silver nanofiber networks as transparent electrodes Chen, Hung-Tao; Lin, Hsiu-Ling; Kuo, Changshu; Chen, In-Gann
國立成功大學 2016 RANDOM TOEPLITZ OPERATORS AND EIGENVALUE DISTRIBUTION Ke, Wen-Fong; Lai, King-Fai; Lee, Tsung-Lin; Wong, Ngai-Ching
國立成功大學 2016 PRECONDITIONING RANDOM TOEPLITZ SYSTEMS Ke, Wen-Fong; Lai, King-Fai; Lee, Tsung-Lin; Wong, Ngai-Ching
國立成功大學 2016 Transport and bottom accumulation of fine river sediments under typhoon conditions and associated submarine landslides: case study of the Peinan River, Taiwan Osadchiev, A. A.; Korotenko, K. A.; Zavialov, P. O.; Chiang, W. -S.; Liu, C. -C.
國立成功大學 2016 Realizing omnidirectional light harvesting by employing hierarchical architecture for dye sensitized solar cells Hsieh, Ming-Yang; Lai, Fang-I; Chen, Wei-Chun; Hsieh, Min-Chi; Hu, Hsiang-Yi; Yu, Peichen; Kuoe, Hao-Chung; Kuo, Shou-Yi
國立成功大學 2016 Graphene quantum dots conjugated with polymers for two-photon properties under two-photon excitation Kuo, Wen-Shuo; Hsu, Chih-Li Lilian; Chen, Hua-Han; Chang, Chia-Yuan; Kao, Hui-Fang; Chou, Lawrence Chao-Shan; Chen, Yi-Chun; Chen, Shean-Jen; Chang, Wen-Tsan; Tseng, Shih-Wen; Wang, Jiu-Yao; Pu, Ying-Chih
國立成功大學 2016 Investigation of Lab Fire Prevention Management System of Combining Root Cause Analysis and Analytic Hierarchy Process with Event Tree Analysis Shih, Cheng-Chan; Horng, Richard S.; Lee, Shin-Ku
國立成功大學 2016 Corticolimbic dysfunction during facial and prosodic emotional recognition in first-episode psychosis patients and individuals at ultra-high risk Tseng, Huai-Hsuan; Roiser, Jonathan P.; Modinos, Gemma; Falkenberg, Irina; Samson, Carly; McGuire, Philip; Allen, Paul
國立成功大學 2016 Electrochemical Preparation of Porous Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) Electrodes from Room Temperature Ionic Liquids for Supercapacitors Fu, Wei-Cheng; Hsieh, Yi-Ting; Wu, Tzi-Yi; Sun, I-Wen
國立成功大學 2016 1-Butyl-1-Methylpyrrolidinium Dicyanamide Room Temperature Ionic Liquid for Electrodeposition of Antimony Hsieh, Yi-Ting; Chen, Yu-Chen; Sun, I-Wen
國立成功大學 2016 Voltammetric Study and Electrodeposition of Ni(II)/Fe(II) in the Ionic Liquid 1-Butyl-1-Methylpyrrolidinium Dicyanamide Lo, Nai-Chang; Chung, Pei-Chen; Chuang, Wan-Jung; Hsu, Sodio C. N.; Sun, I-Wen; Chen, Po-Yu
國立成功大學 2016 Target-specific identification and characterization of the putative gene cluster for brasilinolide biosynthesis revealing the mechanistic insights and connic enzymes Chiu, Hsien-Tai; Weng, Chien-Pao; Lin, Yu-Chin; Chen, Kuan-Hung

Showing items 1853376-1853400 of 2013325  (80533 Page(s) Totally)
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