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Institution Date Title Author
國立政治大學 Sep-06 浴火重生:從宿命、覺醒到自我實現 阮若缺
國立政治大學 Sep-06 建立評價資料庫之可行性研究 李怡宗;杜榮瑞;蘇瓜藤;諶家蘭
國立政治大學 Sep-08 台灣證券交易所放寬漲跌幅限制之研究 李怡宗;李志宏
元智大學 Sep-10 大專運動員之體型與胰島素敏感度特性 王人生; 何國龍; 陳九州; 羅仁駿; 余思賢; Ching-Hung Lin
元智大學 Sep-14 Kinect-enabled home-based rehabilitation system using Dynamic Time Warping and fuzzy logic 江長諭; 黃靖晏; Chuan Jun Su
元智大學 Sep-14 Integration of artificial immune network and K-means for cluster analysis Ren-Jieh Kuo; S. S. Chen; W. C. Cheng; Chieh-Yuan Tsai
元智大學 Sep-14 Action performance evaluation in video sequences Du-Ming Tsai; Wei-Yao Chiu
元智大學 Sep-14 An Entropy-Based Upper Bound Methodology for Robust Predictive Multi-Mode RCPSP Schedules Angela Hsiang-Ling Chen; Liang Y.-C.; Jose David Padilla
元智大學 Sep-14 An Effective Inventory Allocation Policy in Two-Echelon Distribution Network Chi-Yang Tsai; Paul Peter Tekanene; Kuei-Feng Li
元智大學 Sep-14 Microwave Synthesis of Titania-coated Carbon Nanotube Composites for Electrochemical Capacitors Chien-Te Hsieh; Y.-C. Chen; Y.-F. Chen; M.M. Huq; P.-Y. Chen; B.-S. Jang
元智大學 Sep-14 Graphene-supported Pt and PtPd Nanorods with Enhanced Electrocatalytic Performance for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction H.-S. Chen; Y.-T. Liang; T.-Y. Chen; Y.-C. Tseng; C.-W. Liu; S.-R. Chung; Chien-Te Hsieh; C.-E. Lee; K.-W. Wang
元智大學 Sep-14 Electric Double Layer Capacitors of High Volumetric Energy Based on Ionic Liquids and Hierarchical-pore Carbon H.-C. Huang; C.-W. Huang; Chien-Te Hsieh; H. Teng
元智大學 Sep-14 Os(II) Phosphors with Near-Infrared Emission Induced by Ligand-to-Ligand Charge Transfer Transition Jia-Ling Liao; Yun Chi*; Shih-Hung Liu; Gene-Hsiang Lee; Pi-Tai Chou*; Hao-Xiang Huang; Yu-De Su; Chih-Hao Chang*; Jin-Sheng Lin; Meu-Rurng Tseng
元智大學 Sep-14 A Comparison of Numerical Methods on the Two-Phase Flow in PEMFCs Ken-Ming Yin; Hsiao-Kuo Hsuen; Yu-An Kung
元智大學 Sep-14 BaZr0.2Ce0.8-xYxO3-delta solid oxide fuel cell electrolyte synthesized by so-gel combined with composition-exchange method Chung-Jen Tseng; Jeng-Kuei Chang; I-M. Hung; Kan-Rong Lee; Sheng-Wei Lee
元智大學 Sep-14 Preparation and Self-Assembly of Stimuli-Responsive Azobenzene-Containing Diblock Copolymers through Microwave-Assisted RAFT Polymerization Po-Chih Yang; Hsin-Cheng Chen; Hua-Wen Wen; Po-I Wu
元智大學 Sep-14 Surface modification of PVDF ultrafiltration membranes by remote argon/methane gas mixture plasma for fouling reduction Ruey-Shin Juang; Chun Huang; Chao-Lin Hsieh
元智大學 Sep-14 Using an embedded nanocomposite layer to increase color-conversion efficiency of organic light-emitting diodes Chih-Hao Chang*; Yu-Jhong Lo; Jun-Lin Huang; Yu-Fang Huang; Hsin-Yu Hung; Yea-Fen Jang; Hsin-Hua Chang*
元智大學 Sep-14 使用天然石墨、人造石墨、與介相碳微球製備石墨烯之比較 洪悟清; 蒲念文; 劉益銘; 彭佑宇; 施佳男; 葛明德
元智大學 Sep-14 石墨烯及其複合材料應用於超級電容之研究 彭佑宇; 傅勇銘; 劉益銘; 葛明德; Nen-Wen Pu
元智大學 Sep-14 以固態碳源-聚乙烯成長石墨烯薄膜之研究 施佳男; 劉益銘; 劉泰良; 彭佑宇; 王柏強; 葛明德; N.W. Pu
元智大學 Sep-14 Transparency and water-resistance enhancement of AR coating for the cover glass in the solar cell module Wen-Lin Lan ; Kuan-Ho Chu ; Cheng-Chih HSU
元智大學 Sep-14 Precision measurement of the optical constants of the transparent materials Wan-Yu Chung; Chih-Wei Chiu; Hsiang-Wei Hsiao; Cheng-Chih HSU; Ju-Yi Lee
元智大學 Sep-14 綠色廣告訴求:時間框架,訊息特性與個人特質對消費者綠色產品態度之影響 謝昆璋; 李姿瑩; 沈永正; Chih-Ping Chen
元智大學 Sep-14 拍賣國寶:中國大陸文物拍賣市場的興起與發展 Yu Ying Lee

Showing items 1876226-1876250 of 1878711  (75149 Page(s) Totally)
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