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Institution Date Title Author
國立中正大學 電機工程研究所 MultiportHDLC卡板的硬體設計 陳正穎; Ying, Chen Cheng
國立中正大學 電機工程研究所 傳統螢光燈具諧波模型建立與分析模擬 陳則志; Tse-Chih, Chen
國立中正大學 電機工程研究所 調頻調光電子安定器之設計與研製 蘇誌盈
國立中正大學 電機工程研究所 私匙密碼系統應用混沌系統和哈爾小波理論之研究 鍾隆宇; Long-Yeu, Chung
國立中正大學 電機工程研究所 藉由減少資料間轉換設計低功率消耗數位訊號處理器 吳伊雯; Wu, Yi-Wen
國立中正大學 電機工程研究所 遠端生理監視系統與電子病歷之研究 何仁田; Ho, Ren-Tien
國立中正大學 電機工程研究所 以網際網路為基礎之模具製造廠生產規畫與排程系統 黃章樞; Hwang, Chang-Shu
國立中正大學 電機工程研究所 電子商務報價系統應用於射出成型產品 張智強; Chang, Chih Chiang
國立中正大學 電機工程研究所 內嵌內容可定址記憶體之CMAC控制器 龔書暉
國立中正大學 電機工程研究所 POTS/DECT信令服務於網際網路之實作 蘇暉凱; Su, Hui-Kai
國立中正大學 電機工程研究所 在ATM廣域網路上以多重速率控制MPEG傳輸之實作 葉理芸; Yeh, Lee-Yun
國立中正大學 電機工程研究所 低電壓低功率8位元微控制器的設計與驗證 江建邦; pang, chang chien
國立中正大學 電機工程研究所 互補式金氧半1.8-V500-MHz全數位延遲鎖相迴路之設計與實現 王義明; Wang, Yi-Ming
國立中正大學 電機工程研究所 WCDMA系統中支援QoS之資源管理機制研究 張逸豪; Chang, Yi-Hao
國立中正大學 電機工程研究所 利用VLSI設計一低複雜度的RS編/解碼架構 陳政雄; Chen, Zheng-Xiong
國立中正大學 電訊傳播研究所 社區網路:嘯潛山莊個案研究 彭博文; Wen, Peng Po
國立中正大學 電訊傳播研究所 線上新聞人員專業性研究 黃芝瑩; Huang, Chih-Ying
國立中正大學 電訊傳播研究所 網路健康資訊的使用與滿足—從網路與閱聽人特性之觀點探討 游智雯
國立清華大學 韓蕙安 原子轉移自由基聚合反應;甲基丙烯酸甲酯;苯乙烯;星狀聚合物;網狀聚合物;螢光 zh; Pyridyl-imine copper complex, CuII(paenMe2)Br2, was used to mediate the normal and AGET (Activators generated by electron transfer) ATRP of methyl methacrylate. The different initiators, ratios of ligand and the lengths of copper wires were tuned. The polymeric products showed a low polydispersity (Mw/Mn = 1.14 ~ 1.18) and the molecular weight matched the theoretical values. Besides, the pyrene-labeled polymers with structure of linear, star and network were synthesized by AGET ATRP. Observing the fluorescent intensity changes of polymers by PL, we found the fluorescent intensity of star polymer decreased at the beginning and increased afterwards. For linear and network polymers, the fluorescent intensity increased with conversion increasing. The block copolymers of pyrene-PMMA-b-PSt, naphthalene-PMMA-b-PSt, pyrene-PSt-b-PMMA and naphthalene-PSt-b-PMMA were synthesized to observe their self-assembly effect. However, using SAXS (Small angle x-ray scattering) and TEM (Transmission electron microscopy) to observe the structure of block copolymers, the ordered arrangement and microphase separation were not found.
國立清華大學 馮忠彥 金奈米結構;表面增強拉曼散射;生醫應用 In this study, we synthesized a new tetradecylphenanthroline bromide based surfactant and further used it in the development of gold nanostructure with twelve tips and edges with {711} facet. In order to study the plausible mechanism of gold twelve tips nanostructure, we adopted different reaction conditions. Our results clearly show that, in the presence of tetradecylphenanthroline bromide surfactant and adsorbate can promote the formation of multi-twinned seeds grown into icosahedral structure. During the course of the reaction time, the growth of the gold atoms was facilitated through the vertices of icosahedral structure and finally promoting the formation of gold twelve tips nanostructure. The gold twelve tips nanostructure possess superior optical properties, such as, excellent and broad NIR absorption, higher extinction coefficients and “lightening rod” effect. Based on these properties, we performed Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) application. On comparison to the spherical gold nanoparticle and gold nanorod (Au NRs), the SERS signal of gold twelve tip exhibited dramatic signal enhancement. Overall, our study has proposed a new method to fabricate gold nanostructure with superior optical and SERS properties, which explores its applications in the field of biomedicine.; zh
國立清華大學 黃中彥 不對稱醛醇加成;掌性氧釩錯合物 zh
國立清華大學 黃國韜 路易斯鹼催化;丙二烯酯 en
國立清華大學 黃昱超 有機催化反應;不對稱加成反應;有機催化劑;樟腦磺酸 zh; This thesis deals with the application of camphor-derived organocatalyst in asymmetric addition reaction. The fisrt part discusses the asymmetric aldol reaction of 2,2-dimethyl-1,3-dioxan-5-one with aldehydes in the presence of 10 mol% organocatalyst 42 and 20 mol% p-nitrobenzoic acid to give aldol products in good yields with high enatio- and diastereoselectivities. (up to 99% ee, 4:96 dr) The second part deals with the development of camphorsulfonamdie-derived (2S,4R)-4-hydroxy-L-prolinamide 54b as organocatalyst. Catalyst 54b is able to catalyze asymmetric Michael addition of 2,2-dimethyl-1,3-dioxan-5-one to nitro alkenes. The asymmetric reaction could give γ-nitro-dihydroxyacetones in good yields with high enatio- and diastereoselectivities (up to 94% ee, 91:9 dr) in the presence of 10 mol% organocatalyst 54b, 5 mol% 2,4-dinitrophenol and 5 equiv. of water in toluene. The third part discusses pyrrolidine-camphorsulfonamide based catalyst 30 in the asymmetric catalytic Michael addition reaction of nitroalkanes to alpha,beta-unsaturated aldehydes without the addition of acid additive to produce desired products with up to 99% ee and good yields. The main advantage of this catalyst is high efficiency and enantioselectivity with low catalytic loading (1-2 mol%). These remarkable advantages make this approach very suitable for gram-scale synthetic use.

Showing items 1968401-1968423 of 1968423  (78737 Page(s) Totally)
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