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Institution Date Title Author
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T06:00:26Z Controllable oxygen vacancies to enhance resistive switching performance in a ZrO2-based RRAM with embedded Mo layer Wang, Sheng-Yu; Lee, Dai-Ying; Huang, Tai-Yuen; Wu, Jia-Woei; Tseng, Tseung-Yuen
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T06:00:26Z Characterization of an isozyme of beta-glucosidase from sweet almond Li, YK; Chang, LF; Shu, HH; Chir, J
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T06:00:26Z Chemical transformations of 4,6-dimethyl-2 beta-hydroxy-8-oxo-3,5,7-trioxatetracyclo[,11).0(6,10)]dodecane Chem, JH; Wu, HJ
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T06:00:26Z The design of rotation-invariant pattern recognition using the silicon retina Chiu, CF; Wu, CY
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T06:00:26Z Population trapping and rotational revival of N-2 molecules during filamentation of a femtosecond laser pulse in air Azarm, A.; Ramakrishna, S.; Talebpour, A.; Hosseini, S.; Teranishi, Y.; Xu, H. L.; Kamali, Y.; Bernhardt, J.; Lin, S. H.; Seideman, T.; Chin, S. L.
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T06:00:26Z Mobile computing: When mobility meets computation - Guest editor's introduction Chlamtac, I; Lin, YB
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T06:00:26Z Traffic-Aware Sensor Grouping for IEEE 802.11ah Networks: Regression Based Analysis and Design Chang, Tung-Chun; Lin, Chi-Han; Lin, Kate Ching-Ju; Chen, Wen-Tsuen
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T06:00:26Z An Efficient LDPC Decoder Architecture with a High-Performance Decoding Algorithm Hung, Jui-Hui; Chen, Sau-Gee
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T06:00:26Z Magnetic exchange coupling in (Dy,Tb)FeCo magneto-optical recording films Hwang, WK; Shieh, HPD
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T06:00:26Z High-Performance Gate-First Epitaxial Ge n-MOSFETs on Si With LaAlO3 Gate Dielectrics Chen, W. B.; Cheng, C. H.; Chin, Albert
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T06:00:26Z Analysis of a liquid crystal Fabry-Perot etalon filter: A novel model Chen, PL; Lin, KC; Chuang, WC; Tzeng, YC; Lee, KY; Lee, WY
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T06:00:26Z A (21150,19050) GC-LDPC Decoder for NAND Flash Applications Liao, Yen-Chin; Lin, Chien; Chang, Hsie-Chia; Lin, Shu
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T06:00:26Z An Integrated Message-Passing Detector and Decoder for Polar-Coded Massive MU-MIMO Systems Chen, Yan-Tong; Sun, Wei-Cheng; Cheng, Chung-Chao; Tsai, Tsung-Lin; Ueng, Yeong-Luh; Yang, Chia-Hsiang
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T06:00:26Z EPR, DFT and electrochemical interpretation of a Cu(II) derivative incorporating a Schiff base precursor Das, Kuheli; Goswami, Sanchita; Beyene, Belete B.; Yibeltal, Amogne W.; Garribba, Eugenio; Frontera, Antonio; Datta, Amitabha
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T06:00:26Z Monomer shift, dimer shift and dimerization constant for self-association determined graphically from the NMR dilution shift: Pyrrolidone in CDCl3 as an example Chen, JS; Fang, CY; Baird, JK
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T06:00:26Z Investigations of vertical wind variations at a mountain top in the Himalaya using Doppler Lidar observations and model simulations Shukla, K. K.; Phanikumar, D., V; Newsom, Rob K.; Ojha, N.; NiranjanKumar, K.; Singh, Narendra; Sharma, Som; Kotamarthi, V. R.; Kumar, K. K.
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T06:00:26Z Bubble dynamics in evaporation flow of R-134a in narrow annular ducts due to flow rate oscillation Chen, C. A.; Lin, T. F.; Ali, Hafiz Muhammad; Amani, Pouria; Yan, Wei-Mon
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T06:00:26Z Ultrafast Initial Growth Rate of Self-Assembled TiO2 Nanorod Arrays Fabricated by Ti Anodization Chang, Yung-Huang; Lin, Hsiao-Wei; Chen, Chih
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T06:00:27Z Improved Negative-Capacitance Switch of Ferroelectric Field Effect Transistor Using Defect Passivation Engineering Cheng, Chun-Hu; Fan, Chia-Chi; Hsu, Hsiao-Hsuan; Wang, Shih-An; Chang, Chun-Yen
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T06:00:27Z Gate-First TaN/La2O3/SiO2/Ge n-MOSFETs Using Laser Annealing Chen, W. B.; Wu, C. H.; Shie, B. S.; Chin, Albert
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T06:00:27Z Inhibition and Mathematical Performance: Poorly Correlated, Poorly Measured, or Poorly Matched? Lee, Kerry; Lee, Hon Wah
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T06:00:27Z Nonlinear Polyfused Aromatics with Extended pi-Conjugation from Phenanthrotriphenylene, Tetracene, and Pentacene: Syntheses, Crystal Packings, and Properties Kumar, Sushil; Huang, Ding-Chi; Venkateswarlu, Samala; Tao, Yu-Tai
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T06:00:27Z Chaotic behavior of hole mixing tunneling in asymmetric coupled quantum wells Juang, C; Tsai, CB; Juang, J
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T06:00:27Z Diverse Synthesis of Natural Trehalosamines and Synthetic 1,1 '-Disaccharide Aminoglycosides Lu, Yen-Chu; Mondal, Soumik; Wang, Ching-Chi; Lin, Chun-Hung; Mong, Kwok-Kong Tony
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T06:00:27Z Hexanoyl chitosan/ENR25 blend polymer electrolyte system for electrical double layer capacitor Winie, Tan; Jamal, Asheila; Saaid, Farish Irfal; Tseng, Tseung-Yuen

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