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Institution Date Title Author
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T05:58:27Z Technology mapping for FPGAs with composite logic block architectures Chuang, HH; Shung, CB
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T05:58:27Z Implementation of Dopant-Free Hafnium Oxide Negative Capacitance Field-Effect Transistor Cheng, Chun-Hu; Fan, Chia-Chi; Tu, Chun-Yuan; Hsu, Hsiao-Hsuan; Chang, Chun-Yen
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T05:58:27Z Low-temperature and low thermal budget fabrication of polycrystalline silicon thin-film transistors Lin, HY; Chang, CY; Lei, TF; Liu, FM; Yang, WL; Cheng, JY; Tseng, HC; Chen, LP
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T05:58:27Z Toward Optimal Resource Allocation of Virtualized Network Functions for Hierarchical Datacenters Wang, Chih-Chiang; Lin, Ying-Dar; Wu, Jang-Jiin; Lin, Po-Ching; Hwang, Ren-Hung
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T05:58:28Z Helicobacter pylori induces gene expression in human gastric cells identified by mRNA differential display Wong, L; Lue, MY; Chang, CA; Lin, YL; Chan, EC
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T05:58:28Z Electro-autotrophs induced the growth of exoelectrogens on the anode in a microbial fuel cell Chen, Kuo-Ti; Bai, Min-Der; Wu, Shao-I; Chen, Chang-Chieh; Lu, Wen-Jang; Wan, Hou-Peng; Huang, Chihpin
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T05:58:28Z The interaction between a single vortex and a columnar defect in the superconducting multilayers Chen, JL; Tseng, TY
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T05:58:28Z Colour image detection and matching using modified generalised Hough transform Lo, RC; Tsai, WH
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T05:58:28Z A novel tunable dual-wavelength external-cavity laser diode array and its applications Pan, CL; Wang, CL
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T05:58:28Z BLOOD MIXING UPREGULATES PLATELET MEMBRANE- BOUND CD40 LIGAND EXPRESSION IN VITRO INDEPENDENT OF ABO COMPATIBILITY Huang, Go-Shine; Hu, Mei-Hua; Lin, Tso-Chou; Lin, Yi-Chang; Tsai, Yi-Ting; Lin, Chih-Yuan; Ke, Hung-Yen; Zheng, Xu-Zhi; Tsai, Chien-Sung
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T05:58:28Z Direct Laser Writing of Crystallized TiO2 and TiO2/Carbon Microstructures with Tunable Conductive Properties Yu, Shang-Yu; Schrodj, Gautier; Mougin, Karine; Dentzer, Joseph; Malval, Jean-Pierre; Zan, Hsiao-Wen; Soppera, Olivier; Spangenberg, Arnaud
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T05:58:28Z Tweeting about emergency: A semantic network analysis of government organizations' social media messaging during Hurricane Harvey Liu, Wenlin; Lai, Chih-Hui; Xu, Weiai (Wayne)
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T05:58:28Z Cause and countermeasures for the symmetric effect in borehole-to-surface electrical resistivity tomography Wang, Haoran; Lin, Chih-Ping
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T05:58:28Z Treatment of campus domestic wastewater using ambient-temperature anaerobic fluidized membrane bioreactors with zeolites as carriers Chen, Wen-Hsing; Tsai, Cheng-Yu; Chen, Shen-Yi; Sung, Shihwu; Lin, Jih-Gaw
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T05:58:28Z Multilabeled Value Networks for Computer Go Wu, Ti-Rong; Wu, I-Chen; Chen, Guan-Wun; Wei, Ting-Han; Wu, Hung-Chun; Lai, Tung-Yi; Lan, Li-Cheng
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T05:58:28Z Guest Editorial Special Issue on Deep/Reinforcement Learning and Games Wu, I. -C.; Lee, C. -S.; Tian, Y.; Mueller, M.
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T05:58:28Z SDN-based dynamic multipath forwarding for inter-data center networking Wang, Yao-Chun; Lin, Ying-Dar; Chang, Guey-Yun
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T05:58:28Z Fabrication and analyses of negative-birefringent thin film compensator with characteristic matrix Yoo, JC; Shieh, HPD
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T05:58:28Z Photoluminescence from ordered and disordered Si-SiGe superlattices Chang, TC; Yeh, WK; Mei, YJ; Tsai, WC; Chen, YF
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T05:58:29Z Deep levels, electrical and optical characteristics in SnTe-doped GaSb Schottky diodes Chen, JF; Chen, NC; Liu, HS
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T05:58:29Z Adaptive subsethood for neural fuzzy control Lin, CT
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T05:58:29Z Multi-Operator Fairness in Transparent RAN Sharing by Soft-Partition With Blocking and Dropping Mechanism Chien, Hsu-Tung; Lin, Ying-Dar; Chang, Hsien-Wen; Lai, Chia-Lin
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T05:58:29Z Exploiting communication complexity for Boolean matching Wang, KH; Hwang, TT; Chen, C
國立交通大學 2019-04-02T05:58:29Z Fuzzy bicriteria multi-index transportation problems for coal allocation planning of Taipower Tzeng, GH; Teodorovic, D; Hwang, MJ

Showing items 1972851-1972875 of 1994247  (79770 Page(s) Totally)
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