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Institution Date Title Author
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T15:21:52Z The association between clinical response to ustekinumab and immunogenicity to ustekinumab and prior adalimumab Chiu, H.-Y. and Chu, T.W. and Cheng, Y.-P. and Tsai, T.-F.; TSEN-FANG TSAI
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T15:21:52Z Practical experience of ustekinumab in patients with moderate-to-severe psoriasis who had inadequate therapeutic response to previous tumor necrosis factor blockers Wang, T.-C. and Chiu, H.-Y. and Wang, T.-S. and Tsai, T.-F.; TSEN-FANG TSAI
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T15:21:52Z Increased risk of arrhythmia in patients with psoriatic disease: A nationwide population-based matched cohort study TSEN-FANG TSAI; Chiu, H.-Y. and Chang, W.-L. and Huang, W.-F. and Wen, Y.-W. and Tsai, Y.-W. and Tsai, T.-F.
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T15:21:53Z Binding of Th, Pa, Pb, Po and Be radionuclides to marine colloidal macromolecular organic matter Hung, C.-C.; Ayranov, M.; Schumann, D.; Chuang, C.-Y.; LIANG-SAW WEN; Santschi, P.H.; Wen, L.-S.; Guo, L.; Xu, C.; Zhang, S.; Jiang, Y.; Ho, Y.-F.; Schwehr, K.A.; Quigg, A.
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T15:21:53Z Positive immunostaining of thyroid transcription factor-1 in primary nasopharyngeal papillary adenocarcinoma Huang, C.-H. and Chang, Y.-L. and Wang, C.-P. and Wu, H.-P.; YIH-LEONG CHANG; CHENG-PING WANG
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T15:21:53Z Mitochondrial translocation of EGFR regulates mitochondria dynamics and promotes metastasis in NSCLC Che, T.-F. and Lin, C.-W. and Wu, Y.-Y. and Chen, Y.-J. and Han, C.-L. and Chang, Y. and Wu, C.-T. and Hsiao, T.-H. and Hong, T.-M. and Yang, P.-C.; Che, Ting-Fang;Lin, Ching-Wen;Wu, Yi-Ying;Chen, Yu-Ju;Han, Chia-Li;Chang, Yih-leong;Wu, Chen-Tu;Hsiao, Tzu-Hung;Hong, Tse-Ming;Yang, Pan-Chyr; 張逸良;楊泮池; CHEN-TU WU; Che, Ting-Fang; Lin, Ching-Wen; YIH-LEONG CHANG; Wu, Yi-Ying; Chen, Yu-Ju; Han, Chia-Li; Chang, Yih-leong; Wu, Chen-Tu; Hsiao, Tzu-Hung; Hong, Tse-Ming; Yang, Pan-Chyr
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T15:21:53Z Identification of a novel FN1-FGFR1 genetic fusion as a frequent event in phosphaturic mesenchymal tumour Lee, J.-C. and Jeng, Y.-M. and Su, S.-Y. and Wu, C.-T. and Tsai, K.-S. and Lee, C.-H. and Lin, C.-Y. and Carter, J.M. and Huang, J.-W. and Chen, S.-H. and Shih, S.-R. and Mari{\\~n; Lee, Jen-Chieh;Jeng, Yung-Ming;Su, Sheng-Yao;Wu, Chen-Tu;Tsai, Keh-Sung;Lee, Cheng-Han;Lin, Chung-Yen;Carter, Jodi M.;Huang, Jenq-Wen;Chen, Shu-Hwa;Shih, Shyang-Rong;Marino-Enriquez, Adrian;Chen, Chih-Chi;Folpe, Andrew L.;Chang, Yih-Leong;Liang, Cher-Wei; 蔡克嵩;吳振都;鄭永銘;張逸良;梁哲維;李仁傑;黃政文;施翔蓉;陳錞錞; Lee, Jen-Chieh; SHYANG-RONG SHIH; KEH-SUNG TSAI; Jeng, Yung-Ming; CHEN-TU WU; Su, Sheng-Yao; Wu, Chen-Tu; YIH-LEONG CHANG; YUNG-MING JENG; Tsai, Keh-Sung; Lee, Cheng-Han; JENQ-WEN HUANG; JEN-CHIEH LEE; Lin, Chung-Yen; Carter, Jodi M.; Huang, Jenq-Wen; Chen, Shu-Hwa; Shih, Shyang-Rong; Marino-Enriquez, Adrian; Chen, Chih-Chi; Folpe, Andrew L.; Chang, Yih-Leong; Liang, Cher-Wei
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T15:21:53Z Erratum: Significance of nuclear p-mTOR expression in advanced oral squamous cell carcinoma with extracapsular extension of lymph node metastases (Oral Oncology (2015) 51: 5 (493-499)) Chen, T.-C. and Wu, C.-T. and Wang, C.-P. and Yang, T.-L. and Lou, P.-J. and Ko, J.-Y. and Chang, Y.-L.; CHEN-TU WU; YIH-LEONG CHANG
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T15:21:53Z Cetuximab might be detrimental to metastatic colorectal cancer patients with KRAS codon 12 mutations Liang, Y.-H. and Lin, Y.-L. and Liau, J.-Y. and Tsai, J.-H. and Liang, J.-T. and Lin, B.-R. and Hung, J.-S. and Tseng, L.-H. and Lin, L.-I. and Chang, Y.-L. and Cheng, A.-L. and Yeh, K.-H.; YIH-LEONG CHANG
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T15:21:54Z Associations among pretreatment tumor necrosis and the expression of HIF-1α and PD-L1 in advanced oral squamous cell carcinoma and the prognostic impact thereof Chen, T.-C. and Wu, C.-T. and Wang, C.-P. and Hsu, W.-L. and Yang, T.-L. and Lou, P.-J. and Ko, J.-Y. and Chang, Y.-L.; CHEN-TU WU; YIH-LEONG CHANG
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T15:21:54Z Assessment of d-methionine protecting cisplatin-induced otolith toxicity by vestibular-evoked myogenic potential tests, ATPase activities and oxidative state in guinea pigs Lo, W.-C. and Chang, C.-M. and Liao, L.-J. and Wang, C.-T. and Young, Y.-H. and Chang, Y.-L. and Cheng, P.-W.; YIH-LEONG CHANG
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T15:21:54Z Peri-operative care for gastrectomy to enhance recovery Lin, M.-T.; MING-TSAN LIN
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T15:21:54Z Macrophage infiltration induces gastric cancer invasiveness by activating the β-catenin pathway Wu, M.-H.a and Lee, W.-J.b and Hua, K.-T.c and Kuo, M.-L.c and Lin, M.-T.a d; Wu, Ming-Hsun;Lee, Wei-Jiunn;Hua, Kuo-Tai;Kuo, Min-Liang;Lin, Ming-Tsan; 華國泰;林明燦;吳明勳;郭明良; MING-TSAN LIN; Wu, Ming-Hsun; KUO-TAI HUA; Lee, Wei-Jiunn; Hua, Kuo-Tai; Ming-Hsun Wu; Kuo, Min-Liang; Lin, Ming-Tsan
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T15:21:54Z Prospective double-blind randomized study on the efficacy and safety of an n-3 fatty acid enriched intravenous fat emulsion in postsurgical gastric and colorectal cancer patients Ma, C.-J.a b c d and Wu, J.-M.e and Tsai, H.-L.c d f g and Huang, C.-W.a d h and Lu, C.-Y.c i j and Sun, L.-C.c k and Shih, Y.-L.c k and Chen, C.-W.l m and Chuang, J.-F.b n and Wu, M.-H.e and Wang, M.-Y.e and Lin, M.-T.e and Wang, J.-Y.a b c d o p q; JIN-MING WU; MING-TSAN LIN; Ming-Hsun Wu
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T15:21:56Z Precancerous esophageal epithelia are associated with significantly increased scattering coefficients Su, J.-W.; Su, J.-W.; MIN-SHU HSIEH; PING-HUEI TSENG; KUNG-BIN SUNG; YI-CHIA LEE; JANG-MING LEE
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T15:21:56Z Associations of circulating gut hormone and adipocytokine levels with the spectrum of gastroesophageal reflux disease Tseng, Ping-Huei;Yang, Wei-Shiung;Liou, Jyh-Ming;Lee, Yi-Chia;Wang, Hsiu-Po;Lin, Jaw-Town;Wu, Ming-Shiang; Tseng, P.-H. and Yang, W.-S. and Liou, J.-M. and Lee, Y.-C. and Wang, H.-P. and Lin, J.-T. and Wu, M.-S.; 林肇堂;李宜家;楊偉勛;王秀伯;劉志銘;吳明賢;曾屏輝; PING-HUEI TSENG; Tseng, Ping-Huei; Yang, Wei-Shiung; JYH-MING LIOU; YI-CHIA LEE; Liou, Jyh-Ming; WEI-SHIUNG YANG; Lee, Yi-Chia; MING-SHIANG WU; Wang, Hsiu-Po; Lin, Jaw-Town; Wu, Ming-Shiang
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T15:21:56Z 多測站流量時間-空間序率模擬之研究 謝心怡; 蘇明道; 鄭克聲; MING-DAW SU
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T15:21:56Z 日本昔話方面語の登場人物から窺われる庶民の生活文化 林, 立萍; 林, 立萍; LI-PING LIN
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T15:21:56Z 夏目漱石――漱石に語られる「満洲」像 范淑文; 范淑文; SHU-WEN FAN
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T15:21:56Z Wave splitting and double-slit like interference by a pseudochiral metamaterial slab RUEY-LIN CHERN;Chern, R.-L.;Kuo, C.-Y.;Chang, P.-H.;RUEY-LIN CHERN; Chang, P.-H.; Kuo, C.-Y.; Chern, R.-L.; RUEY-LIN CHERN
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T15:21:56Z Singular value decompositions for single-curl operators in three-dimensional Maxwell's equations for complex media Chern, R.-L.; Hsieh, H.-E.; Huang, T.-M.; Lin, W.-W.; Wang, W.; Chern, Ruey-Lin; Wang, Weichung
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T15:21:56Z Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Is Associated With QT Prolongation in the General Population. Hung, Chi-Sheng;Tseng, Ping-Huei;Tu, Chia-Hung;Chen, Chien-Chuan;Liao, Wei-Chih;Lee, Yi-Chia;Chiu, Han-Mo;Lin, Hung-Ju;Ho, Yi-Lwun;Yang, Wei-Shiung;Wu, Ming-Shiang;Chen, Ming-Fong; 洪啟盛;李宜家;邱瀚模;陳明豐;楊偉勛;吳明賢;陳建全;林鴻儒;廖偉智;曾屏輝;何奕倫; Hung, Chi-Sheng; HAN-MO CHIU; Tseng, Ping-Huei; PING-HUEI TSENG; Tseng, Ping-Huei; Tu, Chia-Hung; Tu, Chia-Hung; WEI-CHIH LIAO; Chen, Chien-Chuan; YI-CHIA LEE; Liao, Wei-Chih; Liao, Wei-Chih; MING-SHIANG WU; Lee, Yi-Chia; Lee, Yi-Chia; Chiu, Han-Mo; Chiu, Han-Mo; Lin, Hung-Ju; Lin, Hung-Ju; Ho, Yi-Lwun; Ho, Yi-Lwun; Yang, Wei-Shiung; Yang, Wei-Shiung; Wu, Ming-Shiang; Wu, Ming-Shiang; Chen, Ming-Fong; Chen, Ming-Fong; 陳建全
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T15:21:57Z Prevention strategies for esophageal cancer: Perspectives of the East vs. West Chung, C.-S. and Lee, Y.-C. and Wu, M.-S.; YI-CHIA LEE; MING-SHIANG WU
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T15:21:57Z Wideband energy harvesting by multiple piezoelectric oscillators with An Sece interface YI-CHUNG SHU;Shu, Y.C.;Wu, P.H.;YI-CHUNG SHU; Wu, P.H.; Shu, Y.C.; YI-CHUNG SHU
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T15:21:57Z Finite element modeling of electrically rectified piezoelectric energy harvesters YI-CHUNG SHU;Shu, Y.C.;Wu, P.H.; Wu, P.H.; Shu, Y.C.; YI-CHUNG SHU

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