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淡江大學 2017-10 Optimal dynamic pricing for deteriorating items with reference price effects when inventories stimulate demand Hsieh, Tsu-Pang;Dye, Chung-Yuan
淡江大學 2012-04 An optimal replenishment policy for deteriorating items with effective investment in preservation technology Dye, Chung-Yuan; Hsieh, Tsu-Pang
國立成功大學 2011-06-04 Comments on preservation technology investment for deteriorating inventory Huang, Yi-Hsien; Wang, Ching-Cheng; Huang, Chung-Jen; Dye, Chung-Yuan
淡江大學 2011-02 A particle swarm optimization for solving joint pricing and lot-sizing problem with fluctuating demand and trade credit financing Dye, Chung-Yuan; Ouyang, Liang-Yuh
淡江大學 2011-01 Determining optimal selling price and lot size with process reliability and partial backlogging considerations Hsieh, Tsu-pang; Cheng, Mei-chuan; Dye, Chung-yuan ; Ouyang, Liang-yuh
淡江大學 2010-06 Optimal lot size under trade credit financing when demand and deterioration are fluctuating with time Hsieh, Tsu-pang; Chang, Horng-jinh; Dye, Chung-yuan; Weng, Ming-wei
淡江大學 2010-01 Optimal lot size for an item with partial backlogging rate when demand is stimulated by inventory above a certain stock level Hsieh, Tsu-pang; Dye, Chung-yuan; Ouyang, Liang-yuh
淡江大學 2008-11-16 Determining optimal lot size for a two-warehouse system with deterioration and shortages using net present value Hsieh, Tsu-Pang; Dye, Chung-Yuan; Ouyang, Liang-Yuh
淡江大學 2008-09-01 A Note on EOQ Models for Perishable Items under Stock Dependent Selling Rate Dye, Chung-Yuan; Ouyang, Liang-Yuh; Hsieh, Tsu-Pang
淡江大學 2008-09 A simple approach to an integrated single-vendor single buyer inventory system with shortage Hsieh, Tsu-pang; Chang, Horng-jinh; Weng, Ming-wei; Dye, Chung-yuan

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