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Institution Date Title Author
國立政治大學 2019 以眼動實證研究探討個人差異於教育輔助平台視覺分析上之影響 李明緯; Lee, Ming-Wei
中山醫學大學 2018-12-01 Hyaluronic acid-based nano-sized drug carrier-containing Gellan gum microspheres as potential multifunctional embolic agent Hsu, Ming Fang;Tyan, Yen Sheng;Chien, Yu Chen;Lee, Ming Wei
國立交通大學 2017-04-21T06:56:48Z Mechanical properties of nanocomposites with functionalized graphene Lee, Ming-Wei; Wang, Tai-Yuan; Tsai, Jia-Lin
國立交通大學 2017-04-21T06:56:30Z Characterizing the interfacial shear strength of graphite/epoxy composites containing functionalized graphene Lee, Ming-Wei; Wang, Tai-Yuan; Tsai, Jia-Lin
國立臺灣大學 2016 Integrated Wearable System for Monitoring Heart Rate and Step during Physical Activity Prawiro, Eka Adi Prasetyo Joko; Yeh, Chun-I; Chou, Nai-Kuan; Lee, Ming-Wei; Lin, Yuan-Hsiang; 周迺寬
國立交通大學 2015-11-26T00:56:57Z 探討改質石墨烯奈米複合材料之機械性質 李明威; Lee,Ming-Wei; 蔡佳霖; Tsai,Jia-Lin
國立成功大學 2015-08-14 使用反射式頻域光子遷移系統快速量化組織血氧飽和濃度及動脈血氧飽和濃度 李銘偉; Lee, Ming-Wei
國立交通大學 2014-12-08T15:29:03Z Variable Sampling Slope (VSS) and No-Deadtime Ramp Generator (NDRG) Techniques for Closed-Loop Interleaving Power Factor Correction (PFC) Design with Suppression of Current Mismatch Chen, Chun-Yen; Peng, Ruei Hong; Tsai, Jen-Chieh; Kang, Yu-Chi; Ni, Chia-Lung; Chen, Yi-Ting; Chen, Ke-Horng; Wang, Shih-Ming; Lee, Ming-Wei; Luo, Hsin-Yu
國立交通大學 2014-12-08T15:29:03Z Reduction of Equivalent Series Inductor Effect in Delay-Ripple Reshaped Constant On-Time Control for Buck Converter with Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitors Chen, Wei-Chung; Kang, Yu-Chi; Lin, Chia-Ching; Chen, Ke-Horng; Wang, Shih-Ming; Lee, Ming-Wei; Luo, Hsin-yu
國立交通大學 2014-12-08T15:29:03Z Automatic Power Monitor (APM) in Switching Charger with Smooth Transition Loop Selector (STLS) for High-energy Throughput System Tsai, Tsu-Wei; Peng, Ruei-Hong; Su, Yi-Ping; Chen, Ya-Ping; Chen, Ke-Horng; Wang, Shih-Ming; Lee, Ming-Wei; Luo, Hsin-yu
國立交通大學 2014-12-08T15:22:46Z A Battery-Free 217 nW Static Control Power Buck Converter for Wireless RF Energy Harvesting With alpha-Calibrated Dynamic On/Off Time and Adaptive Phase Lead Control Huang, Tzu-Chi; Hsieh, Chun-Yu; Yang, Yao-Yi; Lee, Yu-Huei; Kang, Yu-Chai; Chen, Ke-Horng; Huang, Chen-Chih; Lin, Ying-Hsi; Lee, Ming-Wei
國立成功大學 2014-10-01 A linear gradient line source facilitates the use of diffusion models with high order approximation for efficient, accurate turbid sample optical properties recovery Lee, Ming-Wei; Hung, Cheng-Hung; Liao, Jung-Li; Cheng, Nan-Yu; Hou, Ming-Feng; Tseng, Sheng-Hao
中山醫學大學 2013-06-01 聚半乳醣醛偶合肉桂之合成、定性與生醫應用 張時獻;王凱淞;梁詠賢;李明偉; Chang, Shih-Hsien;Chang, Shih-Hsien;Leong, Weng-In;Lee, Ming-Wei
中山醫學大學 2013 Synthesis and Characterization of Cinnamated Polygalacturonic Acid for Biomedical Application Chang, Shih-Hsien;Wang, Kai-Sung;LeongZ, Weng-In;Lee, Ming-Wei
中山醫學大學 2013 Covalently crosslinked hyaluronan–polygalacturonic acid polymer as the drug carrier and its application in surgery Peng, Hsiu-Hui; Liu, Pin-Jan; Chen, I-Min; Lee, Ming-Wei
中山醫學大學 2013 Physical and biological effects of gellan gum on decreasing postoperative adhesion in a rat model Chang, Shwu-Jen; Kuo, Shyh-Ming; You, Jhen-Lin; Wu, Ya-Rong; Chen, Shu-Ying; Lee, Ming-Wei
中山醫學大學 2012 Development of a portable impedance detection system for monitoring the growth of mouse L929 cells Chen, Ching Jung; Liu, Jen Tsai; Chang, Shwu-Jen; Lee, Ming-Wei; Tsai, Jang-Zern
中山醫學大學 2012 In vitro properties of gellan gum sponge as the dental filling to maintain alveolar space Chang, Shwu Jen; Huang, Yi-Ting; Yang, Shun-Chun; Kuo, Shyh-Ming; Lee, Ming-Wei
中山醫學大學 2012 Preparation and characterization of polygalacturonic acid/rosmarinic acid membrane crosslinked by short chain hyaluronate for preventing postoperative abdominal adhesion Lee, Ming-Wei; Yang, Tzi-Peng; Peng, Hsiu-Hui; Chen, Jia-Wei
中山醫學大學 2011-06-01 以螢光免疫化學法追蹤雄埃及斑蚊副腺蛋白MAG-317在交尾時的傳導途徑 王凱淞;張時獻;盧?元;李明偉; Wang, Kai-Sung;Chang, Shih-Hsien;Lu, Chi-Yuan;Lee, Ming-Wei
中山醫學大學 2011 Polygalacturonic acid hydrogel with short-chain hyaluronate cross-linker to prevent postoperative adhesion Peng, Hsiu-Hui; Chen, Jia-Wei; Yang, Tzi-Peng; Kuo, Chung-Fan; Wang, Ying-Jing; Lee, Ming-Wei
國立成功大學 2010-07-30 24-GHz與60-GHz CMOS低功耗壓控振盪器及高次諧波除頻器之毫米波射頻晶片研製 李銘偉; Lee, Ming-Wei
中山醫學大學 2010-04-01 Gellan Gum Films for Effective Guided Bone Regeneration Chang, Shwu-Jen; Kuo, Shyh-Ming; Liu, Wei-Ting; Niu, Cheng-Chie Gregory; Lee, Ming-Wei; Wu, Chun-Shien
中山醫學大學 2010 The Evaluation of Daphnia pulex as a Biological Indicator of the Toxicity of Zolpidem and Benzodiazepine Wang, Kai-Sung; Lee, Shiuan-Shinn; Chang, Shih-Hsien; Lu, Chie-Yuan; Chen, Shuan-Zhi; Lee, Ming-Wei
淡江大學 2009 Arquitectura de Gaudí y la interpretación de las culturas 李明薇; Lee, Ming-wei

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