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Institution Date Title Author
亞洲大學 2019-11 Sesamin, a Naturally Occurring Lignan, Inhibits Ligand-Induced Lipogenesis through Interaction with Liver X Receptor Alpha (LXRα) and Pregnane X Receptor (PXR) Ta, Tsai-Sung;Tai, Tsai-Sung;王昭能;Wang, Charles C.N.;Lim, Yun-Ping;Lim, Yun-Ping
嘉南藥理大學 2018 Capping Actin Protein Overexpression in Human Colorectal Carcinoma and Its Contributed Tumor Migration Tsai, Tsung-Jung; Lim, Yun-Ping; Chao, Wen-Ying; Chen, Chien-Chin; Chen, Yi-Ju; Lin, Ching-Yen; Lee, Ying-Ray
亞洲大學 2016-09 Association between antiepileptic drugs and hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with epilepsy: a population- based case–control study DongZongHung;Hung, Dong-Zong;Lin, Cheng-Li;Lin, Cheng-Li;Li, Yi-Wen;Li, Yi-Wen;Lin, Yen-Ning;Lin, Yen-Ning;Lee, Ying-Ray;Lee, Ying-Ray;王昭能;Wang, Charles C.N.;Che, Jih-Jung;Chen, Jih-Jung;Lim, Yun-Ping;Lim*, Yun-Ping
國立成功大學 2015-01-15 Antiarrhythmic Agents and the Risk of Malignant Neoplasm of Liver and Intrahepatic Bile Ducts Lim, Yun-Ping; Lin, Cheng-Li; Lin, Yen-Ning; Ma, Wei-Chih; Chen, Wei-Cheng; Hung, Dong-Zong; Kao, Chia-Hung
高雄醫學大學 2015 Beilschamide, a New Amide, and Cytotoxic Constituents of Beilschmiedia erythrophloia 陳日榮;Kuo, Wen-Lung;Sung, Ping-Jyun;陳益昇;鄭銘仁;Lim, Yun-Ping;廖睿庠;Chang, Tsung-Hsien;Wei, Dau-Chang;Chen, Jhy-Yih; Chen, Jih-Jung;Kuo, Wen-Lung;Sung, Ping-Jyun;Chen, Ih-Sheng;Cheng, Ming-Jen;Lim, Yun-Ping;Liao, Hsiang-Ruei;Chang, Tsung-Hsien;Wei, Dau-Chang;Chen, Jhy-Yih
高雄醫學大學 2015 (+)-(6aR,7R)-7-Hydroxy-N-butyrylcaaverine, A New Aporphine Alkaloid from the Roots of Illigera luzonensis with Cytotoxic Activity. 陳日榮;Lee, Tzong-Huei;Kuo, Wen-Lung;宋秉鈞;陳益昇;Shu, Chih-Wen;Cheng, Ming-Jen;Wang, Tai-Chi;Lim, Yun-Ping;Rong, Xu.; Chen, Jih-Jung;Lee, Tzong-Huei;Kuo, Wen-Lung;Ping-Jyun;Sung;Chen, Ih-Sheng;Shu, Chih-Wen;Cheng, Ming-Jen;Wang, Tai-Chi;Lim, Yun-Ping;Rong, Xu.
國立交通大學 2014-12-08T15:35:50Z Association of Interleukin-16 Polymorphisms with Graves' Disease in a Taiwanese Population Tsai, Kun-Hsi; Chang, Ching-Yao; Tsai, Fuu-Jen; Lin, Hui-Ju; Yang, Yuh-Shyong; Lim, Yun-Ping; Liao, Chiu-Chu; Wan, Lei
國立成功大學 2014-08 Inhibition of Cytochrome P450 2C9 Expression and Activity In Vitro by Allyl Isothiocyanate Lim, Yun-Ping; Chen, Wei-Cheng; Cheng, Ching-Hao; Ma, Wei-Chih; Lin, Yu-Hsien; Chen, Cing-Yu; Hung, Dong-Zong; Chen, Jih-Jung; Yokoi, Tsuyoshi; Nakajima, Miki; Chen, Chao-Jung
臺北醫學大學 2014 New Coumarins and Anti-Inflammatory Constituents from the Fruits of Cnidium monnieri Lee, Tzong-Huei;Chen, Yuan-Chih;Hwang, Tsong-Long;Shu, Chih-Wen;Sung, Ping-Jyun;Lim, Yun-Ping;Kuo, Wen-Lung;Chen, Jih-Jung
中山醫學大學 2013-12 An Extract of Rhodobacter sphaeroides Reduces Cisplatin-Induced Nephrotoxicity in Mice Chang, Wen-Wei; Liu, Jau-Jin; Liu, Chi-Fan; Liu, Wen-Sheng; Lim, Yun-Ping; Cheng, Yu-Jung; Lee, Che-Hsin
衛生福利部國家中醫藥研究所 2012-07-12 A dual function of the furanocoumarin chalepensin in inhibiting Cyp2a and inducing Cyp2b in mice: the protein stabilization and receptor-mediated activation Lo, Wei-Sheng; Lim, Yun-Ping; Chen, Chien-Chih; Hsu, Chih-Chien; Souček, Pavel; Yun, Chul-Ho; Xie, Wen; Ueng, Yune-Fang
國立成功大學 2012 Sesamin: A Naturally Occurring Lignan Inhibits CYP3A4 by Antagonizing the Pregnane X Receptor Activation Lim, Yun-Ping; Ma, Chia-Yun; Liu, Cheng-Ling; Lin, Yu-Hsien; Hu, Miao-Lin; Chen, Jih-Jung; Hung, Dong-Zong; Hsieh, Wen-Tsong; Huang, Jin-Ding
國立成功大學 2009-01 Inhibition of CYP3A4 expression by ketoconazole is mediated by the disruption of pregnane X receptor, steroid receptor coactivator-1, and hepatocyte nuclear factor 4 alpha interaction Lim, Yun-Ping; Kuo, Sheng-Chun; Lai, Ming-Liang; Huang, Jin-Ding
國立成功大學 2007-05 Pregnane X receptor polymorphism affects CYP3A4 induction via a ligand-dependent interaction with steroid receptor coactivator-1 Lim, Yun-Ping; Huang, Jin-Ding
國立成功大學 2007-01-11 類酯醇X 受體的變異型對細胞色素3A4 調控之研究 林雲冰; Lim, Yun-Ping
國立成功大學 2005-05-01 Functional characterization of a novel polymorphism of pregnane X receptor, Q158K, in Chinese subjects Lim, Yun-Ping; Liu, Chin-Hung; Shyu, Lih-Jen; Huang, Jin-Ding

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