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Institution Date Title Author
國家衛生研究院 2024-03-23 APLF facilitates interstrand DNA crosslink repair and replication fork protection to confer cisplatin resistance Wu, CK;Shiu, JL;Wu, CL;Hung, CF;Ho, YC;Chen, YT;Tung, SY;Yeh, CF;Shen, CH;Liaw, H;Su, WP
臺大學術典藏 2022-01-06T01:27:07Z Sperm motility is the best semen parameter to predict sperm DNA fragmentation Huang, WL; YI-KAI CHANG; Tung, SY; Peng, BH; Chang, HC
臺大學術典藏 2022-01-04T02:01:11Z Sperm motility is the best semen parameter to predict sperm DNA fragmentation Huang, WL; Chang, YK; Tung, SY; Peng, BH; HONG-CHIANG CHANG
中山醫學大學 2021 Assessing Consumer Preferences for Suboptimal Food: Application of a Choice Experiment in Citrus Fruit Retail Huang, WS; Kuo, HY; Tung, SY; Chen, HS
國家衛生研究院 2019-08 Stabilization of Sir3 interactions by an epigenetic metabolic small molecule, O-acetyl-ADP-ribose, on yeast SIR-nucleosome silent heterochromatin Wang, SH;Lee, SP;Tung, SY;Tsai, SP;Tsai, HC;Shen, HH;Hong, JY;Su, KC;Chen, FJ;Liu, BH;Wu, YY;Hsiao, SP;Tsai, MS;Liou, GG
國家衛生研究院 2019-07-30 The capability of O-Acetyl-ADP-Ribose, an epigenetic metabolic small molecule, on promoting the further spreading of Sir3 along the telomeric chromatin Tung, SY;Wang, SH;Lee, SP;Tsai, SP;Su, KC;Shen, HH;Hong, JY;Tsai, MS;Liou, GG
國家衛生研究院 2019-04-11 Enhancer role of a native metabolite, O-acetyl-ADP-ribose, on the Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromatin epigenetic gene silencing Wang, SH;Tung, SY;Su, KC;Shen, HH;Hong, JY;Tsai, MS;Liou, GG
國家衛生研究院 2017-01 Modulations of SIR-nucleosome interactions of reconstructed yeast silent pre-heterochromatin by O-acetyl-ADP-ribose and magnesium Tung, SY;Wang, SH;Lee, SP;Tsai, SP;Shen, HH;Chen, FJ;Wu, YY;Hsiao, SP;Liou, GG
臺北醫學大學 2015 Alpha-Fetoprotein Measurement Benefits Hepatocellular Carcinoma Surveillance in Patients with Cirrhosis Chang, TS;Wu, YC;Tung, SY;Wei, KL;Hsieh, YY;Huang, HC;Chen, WM;Shen, CH;Lu, CH;Wu, CS;Tsai, YH;Huang, YH
臺北醫學大學 2015 Activation of IL6/IGF-IR Confers Poor Prognosis of HBV-Related Hepatocellular Carcinoma through Induction of OCT4/NANOG Expression Chang, TS;Wu, YC;Ching, CC;Su, WC;Chang, PJ;Lee, KF;Tung, TH;Wang, J;Liu, JJ;Tung, SY;Kuo, LM;Ho, HN;Ling, TY;Hunag, YH
中國醫藥大學 2014-03 A double-blind randomized controlled study to evaluate the efficacy of low-dose oral interferon-alpha in preventing hepatitis C relapse (Lee CM);(Chen CY);(Chien RN);(Tseng KC);彭成元(Cheng-Yuan Peng);(Tung SY);(Fang YJ);(Huang YH);(Lu SN);(Hung CH);(Tsai TJ);(Fang CC);(Hsu CW);(Yeh CT)*
國家衛生研究院 2013-04 Changes in the genome-wide localization pattern of Sir3 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae during different growth stages Tung, SY;Lee, KW;Hong, JY;Lee, SP;Shen, HH;Liou, GG
高雄醫學大學 2013 Sustained hcv clearance and increased HBsAg seroclearance in patients with dual chronic hepatitis C and B during post-treatment follow-up.  余明隆;李詮謀;Chen, CL;莊萬龍;盧勝男;劉振樺;Wu, SS;廖麗瑛;郭行道;趙有誠;董水義;楊賢馨;高嘉宏;Su, WW;Lin, CL;Yang, HC;陳培哲;陳定信;劉俊人*;Taiwan Liver-Net, Consortium. ; Yu, ML;Lee, CM;Chen, CL;Chuang, WL;Lu, SN;Liu, CH;Wu, SS;Liao, LY;Kuo, HT;Chao, YC;Tung, SY;Yang, SS;Kao, JH;Su, WW;Lin, CL;Yang, HC;Chen, PJ;Chen, DS;Liu, CJ;Taiwan Liver-Net, Consortium. 
國家衛生研究院 2012-02 Chromatin affinity-precipitation using a small metabolic molecule: its application to analysis of O-acetyl-ADP-ribose Tung, SY;Hong, JY;Walz, T;Moazed, D;Liou, GG
高雄醫學大學 2010 HBsAg profiles in patients receiving peginterferon alfa-2a plus ribavirin for the treatment of dual chronic infection with hepatitis B and C viruses.  余明隆;李詮謀;莊萬龍;盧勝男;戴嘉言;黃志富;林子堯;胡琮輝;陳建宏;洪肇宏;王景弘;高嘉宏;賴明陽;劉振驊;蘇東弘;廖麗瑛;郭行道;趙有誠;董水義;楊賢馨;陳培哲;劉俊人;陳定信 ; Yu ML;Lee CM;Chuang WL;Lu SN;Dai CY;Huang JF;Lin ZY;Hu TH;Chen CH;Hung CH;Wang JH;Chen CL;Kao JH;Lai MY;Liu CH;Su TH;Wu SS;Liao LY;Kuo HT;Chao YC;Tung SY;Yang SS;Chen PJ;Liu CJ;Chen DS. 
高雄醫學大學 2009 Peginterferon Alfa-2a Plus Ribavirin for the Treatment of Dual Chronic Infection With Hepatitis B and C Viruses  劉俊人;莊萬龍;李全謨;余明隆;盧勝男;吳順生;廖麗瑛;陳祈玲;郭行道;趙有誠;董水義;楊賢馨;高嘉宏;蘇維文;鄭永銘;陳培哲;陳定信 ; Liu CJ;Chuang WL;Lee CM;Yu ML;Lu SN;Wu SS;Liao LY;Chen CL;Kuo HT;Chao YC;Tung SY;Yang SS;Kao JH;Liu CH;Su WW;Lin CL;Jeng YM;Chen PJ;Chen DS 
臺北醫學大學 2008 Activities of human perlecan derived peptides in laminin-mediated cell adhesion and neurite outgrowth 楊維中; Yang WCV; Tung SY; Liu WL; Lee YH; Hung YH;

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