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Institution Date Title Author
國家衛生研究院 2022-10-25 Transdermal delivery of succinate accelerates energy dissipation of brown adipocytes to reduce remote fat accumulation Liao, FH;Yao, CN;Chen, SP;Wu, TH;Lin, SY
國家衛生研究院 2022-08-13 Developing a sensitive platform to measure 5-methyltetrahydrofolate in subjects with MTHFR and PON1 gene polymorphisms Lu, ML;Ku, WC;Syifa, N;Hu, SC;Chou, CT;Wu, YH;Kuo, PH;Chen, CH;Chen, WJ;Wu, TH
國家衛生研究院 2022-05-25 High-throughput sequencing of complementarity determining region 3 in the heavy chain of B-cell receptor in renal transplant recipients: A preliminary Report Wu, TH;Liao, HT;Li, TH;Tsai, HC;Lin, NC;Chen, CY;Tsai, SF;Huang, TH;Tsai, CY;Yu, CL
國家衛生研究院 2021-08-16 Ultra-small platinum nanoparticle-enabled catalysis and corrosion susceptibility reverse tumor hypoxia for cancer chemoimmunotherapy Liao, FH;Yao, CN;Wu, TH;Chen, SP;Yeh, LC;Lin, SY;Lin, WJ
臺大學術典藏 2021-02-03T08:48:20Z Application and dosimetry for bilateral opposed irradiated technique of total body irradiation. Wu Jk;Lin Yc;Kuo Hc;Wu Th;Huang Dy;Chen Jc;Tsai Sy;Chia-Hsien Cheng;Jian Jj.; Wu JK; Lin YC; Kuo HC; Wu TH; Huang DY; Chen JC; Tsai SY; CHIA-HSIEN CHENG; Jian JJ.
國家衛生研究院 2021-01-13 Increased infiltration of regulatory T cells in hepatocellular carcinoma of patients with hepatitis B virus pre-S2 mutant Teng, CF;Li, TC;Wang, T;Liao, DC;Wen, YH;Wu, TH;Wang, J;Wu, HC;Shyu, WC;Su, IJ;Jeng, LB
中山醫學大學 2021 Macrolide Resistance, Clinical Features, and Cytokine Profiles in Taiwanese Children With Mycoplasma pneumoniae Infection Wu, TH; Wang, NM; Liu, FC; Pan, HH; Huang, FL; Fang, YP; Chiang, TW; Yang, YY; Song, CS; Wu, HC; Lee, CY
國家衛生研究院 2020-12-17 Increased expression of programmed death ligand 1 in hepatocellular carcinoma of patients with hepatitis B virus pre-S2 mutant Teng, CF;Li, TC;Wang, T;Wu, TH;Wang, J;Wu, HC;Shyu, WC;Su, IJ;Jeng, LB
國家衛生研究院 2020-11-15 A supramolecular bait to trigger non-equilibrium co-assembly and clearance of ABeta42 Wu, TH;Lai, RH;Yao, CN;Juang, JL;Lin, SY
臺大學術典藏 2020-07-17T03:45:59Z Optimal Timing for Postsurgical Adjuvant Therapy in Patients with Gastric Cancer: A Propensity Score Matching Study Tsai CS; Leung WM; Hong JH; Chang JT; Yeh TS; Wu TH; Chen YC; Lin YH; Huang BS; Yap WK; Tsang NM; Huang SM; Chen YC; WAN-YU CHEN; Yang LY; Tsan DL
國家衛生研究院 2020-03-02 The bioactive core and corona synergism of quantized gold enables slowed inflammation and increased tissue regeneration in wound hypoxia Yeh, LC;Chen, SP;Liao, FH;Wu, TH;Huang, YT;Lin, SY
國家衛生研究院 2019-11-14 Antibiotics evade endotoxin competition through a supramolecular trap for boosting anti-bacteremia activity Liao, FH;Wu, TH;Yao, CN;Kuo, SC;Su, CJ;Jeng, US;Lin, SY
國家衛生研究院 2019-07 Chemopreventive effect of phytosomal curcumin onhepatitis B virus-related hepatocellular carcinoma in a transgenic mouse model Teng, CF;Yu, CH;Chang, HY;Hsieh, WC;Wu, TH;Lin, JH;Wu, HC;Jeng, LB;Su, IJ
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T08:33:26Z Crystal structures of Bacillus alkaline phytase in complex with divalent metal ions and inositol hexasulfate Ko, TP; Lai, HL; Cheng, YS; Wu, TH; Ma, Y; Chen, CC; Yang, CS; Cheng, KJ; Huang, CH; Guo, RT; Liu, JR.; Ko, T.-P.; Lai, H.-L.; Cheng, Y.-S.; Wu, T.-H.; Ma, Y.; Chen, C.-C.; Yang, C.-S.; Cheng, K.-J.; Huang, C.-H.; Guo, R.-T.; Liu, J.-R.; Ko, T.-P.; JE-RUEI LIU et al.; CHII-SHEN YANG
國家衛生研究院 2018-04-27 Prognostic factors and treatment outcomes of malignant pleural mesothelioma in Eastern Asian patients – A Taiwanese study Wu, TH;Lee, LJH;Yuan, CT;Chen, TWW;Yang, JCH
國家衛生研究院 2018-04-12 Subnanometer gold clusters adhere to lipid a for protection against endotoxin-induced sepsis Liao, FH;Wu, TH;Huang, YT;Lin, WJ;Su, CJ;Jeng, US;Kuo, SC;Lin, SY
國家衛生研究院 2017-07 Self-supplying O2 through the catalase-like activity of gold nanoclusters for photodynamic therapy against hypoxic cancer cells Liu, CP;Wu, TH;Liu, CY;Chen, KC;Chen, YX;Chen, GS;Lin, SY
國家衛生研究院 2016-12 Prognostic factors and clinical outcomes of malignant pleural mesothelioma in a real world-setting: An Asian cohort Wu, TH;Lee, LJH;Yuan, CT;Chen, TWW
國家衛生研究院 2016-11 Corrosion-activated chemotherapeutic function of nanoparticulate platinum as a cisplatin resistance-overcoming prodrug with limited autophagy induction Cheng, HJ;Wu, TH;Chien, CT;Tu, HW;Cha, TS;Lin, SY
國家衛生研究院 2016-08 Tailoring enzyme-like activities of gold nanoclusters by polymeric tertiary amines for protecting neurons against oxidative stress Liu, CP;Wu, TH;Lin, YL;Liu, CY;Wang, S;Lin, SY
國家衛生研究院 2016-03 Cranioplasty using a novel osteoconductive scaffold and platelet gel Tseng, CL;Chang, GW;Ou, KL;Chou, WT;Wu, TH;Fang, HW;Tsai, JC;Chen, TM
國家衛生研究院 2015-01 Interactions of nitroxide radicals with dendrimer-entrapped Au8-clusters: A fluorescent nanosensor for intracellular imaging of ascorbic acid Liu, CP;Wu, TH;Liu, CY;Cheng, HJ;Lin, SY
國立交通大學 2014-12-08T15:48:55Z The creation of nanometer magnetic domain structure in artificially pinning hole of magneto-optical recording material Wu, TH; Wu, JC; Chen, BM; Shieh, HPD
國立交通大學 2014-12-08T15:46:52Z Magnetic domain pinning in lithographically patterned amorphous magnetic layer Wu, JC; Huang, YW; Chen, BM; Wu, TH; Shieh, HPD
國立交通大學 2014-12-08T15:46:51Z Pinning magnetic domain via patterning artificial lattice under amorphous magnetic layer Wu, TH; Wu, JC; Chen, BM; Shieh, HPD

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