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Institution Date Title Author
國立政治大學 Mar-09 示範平臺建置研究委託案 蘇瓜藤
國立政治大學 Mar-09 開放期貨業赴大陸投資風險管理規範之研究 康榮寶;李樹華;林仁光;林信助;林柏生;徐藝泰
元智大學 Mar-14 淨土經典對社區發展的啓示 Lin-Wen Wang
元智大學 Mar-14 對克里米亞危機的國際輿情報告 對克里米亞危機的國際輿情報告; Feng-Yung Hu
元智大學 Mar-14 觀音的臉書:觀音救苦救難模式與臉書功能 Lin-Wen Wang
元智大學 Mar-14 嚴慄的夥伴:虛擬溝通中被隱藏的衝突 Yi-Hui Lee; Niki Panteli
元智大學 Mar-14 都會型光封包交換網路系統之即時訊務控制機制 楊啟瑞; I-Fen Chao
元智大學 Mar-15 An ageing-in-place service innovation model by using TRIZ methodology Chen C.-K.; Ann-Jin Shie; Kuo-Ming Wang; Chang-Hsi Yu
元智大學 Mar-15 Automated Data Collection and Analysis for Ubiquitous and Continuous Electronic Fetal Monitoring Ta-Wei Chu; Chuan Jun Su
元智大學 Mar-15 藏族史詩與史詩說唱藝人──阿來《格薩爾王》重述神話的民族文化意涵 洪士惠
元智大學 Mar-15 Crystalline size, microstructure and biocompatibility of hydroxyapatite nanopowders by hydrolysis of calcium hydrogen phosphate dehydrate (DCPD) Moo-Chin Wang; Hui-Ting Chen; Wei-Jen Shih; Hsin-Fang Chang; Min-Hsiung Hon; I-M. Hung
元智大學 Mar-15 Preparation of Ag/SiO2 near-infrared absorbers using the combination of sputtering and spin-coating depositions Chau-Kuang Liau; Guo-Bin Lai; Rei-Cheng Juang; Bing-Hung Chang; Thomas Chun-Kuang Yang
元智大學 Mar-15 Microwave Synthesis of Copper Network onto Lithium Iron Phosphate Cathode Materials for Improved Electrochemical Performance Chien-Te Hsieh; J.-R. Liu; R.-S. Juang; C.-E. Lee; Y.-F. Chen
元智大學 Mar-15 Expression of plant ferredoxin-like protein (PFLP) enhances tolerance to heat stress in Arabidopsis thaliana Yi-Hsien Lin; Li-Fen Huang; Tashiharu Hase; Hsiang-En Huang; Teng-Yung Feng
元智大學 Mar-15 Application of a long-lasting colloidal substrate with pH and hydrogen sulfide control capabilities to remediateTCE-contaminated ground water Y.T. Sheu; S.C.Chen; Chien C.-C.; C.C.Chen; C.M.Kao
元智大學 Mar-15 Characterization of facial and meridional Alq(3) thin films fabricated from physical vapor transport at high substrate temperatures Shang-Yu Hung; Ruei-Lin Kao; Ku-Yen Lin; Chun-Chuen Yang; Kuen-Song Lin; Yu-Chiang Chao; Jyh-Shyang Wang; Kuan-Cheng Chiu
元智大學 Mar-15 Molecular Analysis of Codon 548 in the rpoB Gene Involved in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Resistance to Rifampin Yu-Tze Horng; Wen-Yih Jeng; Yih-Yuan Chen; Che-Hung Liu; Horng-Yunn Dou; Jen-Jyh Lee; Kai-Chih Chang; Chien C.-C.; Po-Chi Soo
元智大學 Mar-15 Functionalized Fe3O4@ Silica Core-Shell Nanoparticles as Microalgae Harvester and Catalyst for Biodiesel Production Ya-Dong Chiang; Saikat Dutta; Ching-Tien Chen; Kuen-Song Lin; Jeffrey C. S. Wu; Norihiro Suzuki; Yusuke Yamauchi; Kevin C.-W. Wu
元智大學 Mar-15 Enhancement of recombinant human serum albumin in transgenic rice cell culture system by cultivation strategy Yu-Kuo Liu; Yu-Teng Li; Ching-Fan Lu; Li-Fen Huang
元智大學 Mar-15 Influence of pyridine-polybenzimidazole film thickness of crabon nano-tube supported platinum on fuel cell applications D. Kaewsai; Hsiu-Li Lin; Tzyy-Lung Yu
元智大學 Mar-15 Intestinal stem cells and stem cell-based therapy for intestinal diseases Mahmoud Shaaban Mohamed; Yun Chen; Chao-Ling Yao
元智大學 Mar-15 Effect of modified silica on the crystallization and degradation of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) Hong S.-G.; S.-C. Huang
元智大學 Mar-15 Crystallization properties of polyhydroxybutyrate with modified silicas Hong S.-G.; Shih-Che Huang
元智大學 Mar-15 Review of Microbial Lipase Purification Using Aqueous Two-phase Systems Pau-Loke Show; Tau-Chuan Ling; Chi-Wei (John) Lan; Beng-Ti Tey; Ramakrishnan N. Ramanan; Siek-Ting Yong; Chien-Wei Ooi
元智大學 Mar-15 Passivation and reactivation of Ti25V35Cr40 hydrides by cycling with impure hydrogen gas 李學智; Chia-chieh Shen

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