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Institution Date Title Author
元智大學 Jun-15 以互動式可視化儀表盤做為社區老人跌倒風險評估工具 呂偉僑; 吳淑娟; 蘇希洵; 張敬仁; 黃建華; Tien-Lung Sun
元智大學 Jun-15 High efficiency blue phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodes with 57 cd/A, 50 Im/W, and 25 % external quantum efficiency Yi-Hsin Lan; Jau-Jiun Huang; Ya-Ting Chuang; Man-kit Leung; Tien-Lung Chiu; Chi-Feng Lin; Jiun-Haw Lee
元智大學 Jun-15 An Investigation of EFL Learners’ Cultural Awareness of Universality and Specificity of Figurative Language 陳怡蓁
元智大學 Jun-15 環境倫理教育是全民的素質教育 Chang-Hsiang Sun
元智大學 Jun-16 移動物體偵測方法及移動物體偵測裝置 陳柏豪; 黃士嘉
元智大學 Jun-16 街景影像之文字區域偵測系統及裝置 沈尚霏; Chien-Cheng Lee
元智大學 Jun-16 配電系統與其配電管理方法 陳星志; 李偉豪; 曾威智; 魏榮宗; Nien-Che Yang
元智大學 Jun-16 交通號誌燈倒數計時即時辨識方法及該方法應用於車載輔助辨識系統 邱義統; Chen D.-Y.
元智大學 Jun-16 節力型創傷止血帶 孫中剛; 蔣德元; Ay Su
元智大學 Jun-16 電池模組 陳嘉鴻; 謝錦隆; 黃彥浦; Chi-Yuan Lee
元智大學 Jun-16 中華郵政之 中國古典小說郵票「紅樓夢」第三套 105年6月29日發行 沈禎 著
元智大學 Jun-16 金屬有機前驅物-三甲基銦對氮化銦磊晶薄膜之光電及化學特性影響 Wei-Chun Chen; Shou-Yi Kuo; Fang-I Lai; Chien-Nan Hsiao
元智大學 Jun-16 生命情境與集體記憶 Ching-yueh Roan
元智大學 Jun-16 Effects of nighttime lights by LED and fluorescent lighting on human melatonin Chien-Chun Lu; Chinmei Chou; Akira Yasukouchi; Tomoaki Kozaki; Cheng-Yi Liu
元智大學 Jun-16 Identifying the Source of Variance Shifts in Multivariate Statistical Process Control Using Ensemble Classifiers Chuen-Sheng Cheng; Hung-Ting Lee; Chih-Hung Lin; Yi-Chun Huang; Jung-You Chen
元智大學 Jun-16 葫蘆裡裝的什麼乾坤?——現代詩中的人性 Lee Tsui-Ying
元智大學 Jun-16 Enriched Astaxanthin Extract from Haematococcus pluvialis Augments Growth Factor Secretions to Increase Cell Proliferation and Induces MMP1 Degradation to Enhance Collagen Production in Human Dermal Fibroblasts Hsin-Yu Chou; Chelsea Lee; Jian-Liang Pan; Zhi-Hong Wen; Shu-Hung Huang; Chi-Wei (John) Lan; Wang-Ta Liu; Tzyh-Chyuan Hour; You-Cheng Hseu; Byeong Hee Hwang; Hui-Min David Wang
元智大學 Jun-16 One-dimensional comparison of numerical approaches on two-phase flow in the membrane electrode assembly of PEMFC Ken-Ming Yin; Hsiao-Kuo Hsuen; Yu-An Kung; Bo-Syun Cheng
元智大學 Jun-16 Photophysical and photovoltaic properties of truxene-functionalized conjugated polymer‒fullerene supramolecular complexes Hua-Wen Wen; Po-Chih Yang
元智大學 Jun-16 Enhancing Thermal Transport Efficiency in Carbon Composites Using Nanospacers Chien-Te Hsieh; Y.-F. Chen; C.-E. Lee; S.-H. Juang; Z.-W. Lin; M.M. Huq
元智大學 Jun-16 Immobilization of Anions on Polymer Matrices for Gel Electrolytes with High Conductivity and Stability in Lithium Ion Batteries S.H. Wang; Y.Y. Lin; C.Y. Teng; P.L. Kuo; Y.L. Lee; Chien-Te Hsieh; H. Teng
元智大學 Jun-16 Electrochemical Exfoliation of Graphene Sheets from Natural Graphite Flask in Presence of Sulfate Ions at Different Temperatures Chien-Te Hsieh; J.-H. Hsueh
元智大學 Jun-16 Platinum on pyridine-polybenzimidazole wraped carbon nanotube supports for hightemperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells Duanghathai Kaewsai; Hsiu-Li Lin; Tzyy-Lung Yu
元智大學 Jun-16 Hydrogen Storage Capacity Enhancement of MIL-53(Cr) by Pd Loaded Activated Carbon Doping Kuen-Song Lin; Abhijit Krishna Adhikari; Mu-Ting Tu
元智大學 Jun-16 On-Demand Controlled Release of Therapeutics Using Stimuli-Responsive Nanocarriers 卡力; Kuen-Song Lin; Raana Taheri

Showing items 1979076-1979100 of 1983324  (79333 Page(s) Totally)
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