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Institution Date Title Author
元智大學 Dec-19 Systemic lupus erythematosus is associated with poor outcome after acute myocardial infarction Shin-Rong Ke; Cheng-Wei Liu; Yen-Wen Wu; K. Lai; Chiung-Yi Wu; Jeng-Wei Lin; Chien-Lung Chan; Ren-Hao Pan
元智大學 Dec-19 新時期馬原、色波小說中的藏族宗教謎影 洪士惠
元智大學 Dec-19 Fabrication of Magnetic Fe3O4 Nanoparticles with Unidirectional Extension Pattern by a Facile and Eco-friendly Microwave-assisted Solvothermal Method Ruey-Shin Juang; Chun-Ju Su; Ming-Chung Wu; Hsi-Chuan Lu; Sea-Fue Wang; An-Cheng Sun
元智大學 Dec-19 Antibacterial Property of Composites of Reduced Graphene Oxide with Nano-Silver and Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Synthesized Using a Microwave-Assisted Approach Y.-H. Hsueh ; Chien-Te Hsieh; S.-T. Chiu; P.-H. Tsai; C.-Y. Liu; W.-J. Ke
元智大學 Dec-19 Development and application of flexible integrated microsensor as real-time monitoring tool in proton exchange membrane water electrolyzer Chi-Yuan Lee; Chia-Hung Chen; Shih-Chun Li; Yu-Syuan Wang
元智大學 Dec-19 Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Multistimulus-Responsive Azobenzene-Containing Diblock Copolymer through RAFT Polymerization Po-Chih Yang; Yueh-Han Chien; Shih-Hsuan Tseng; Chia-Chung Lin; Kai-Yu Huang
元智大學 Dec-19 Evolution of the Electrochemical Reduction of Indium Tin Oxide in an Aqueous Solution of Silica Particles Jia-Lin Jhan(詹佳霖); Ping-Wei Kuo(郭品瑋); Chau-Kuang Liau
元智大學 Dec-19 Highly Efficient Flexible Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Based on a High-Temperature Durable Mica Substrate Yi-Ning Lai; Chih-Hao Chang*; Pei-Chun Wang; Ying-Hao Chu*
元智大學 Dec-19 Improving device characteristics of IGZO thin-film transistors by using pulsed DC magnetron sputtering deposition Wei-Sheng Liu; Chien-Lung Huang; Yi-Hung Lin; Chih-Hao Hsu; Yi-Ming Chu
元智大學 Dec-19 加寬漲跌幅限制與暫緩收盤觸動之實證觀察 Yi-Heng Tseng
元智大學 Dec-19 營運相關及非營運相關之企業社會責任與避稅行為之關聯性 蘇淑慧; 李念萍; Chien-Ju Lu
元智大學 Dec-19 Two-stage Channel-aware Uplink Transmission with SC-FDMA in LTE Networks I-Shyan Hwang; Bor-Jiunn Hwang; Chun-Hung Chen
元智大學 Dec-19 Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition Using 3DCNN and LSTM with FSM Context-Aware Model 林智揚; Noorkholis Luthfil Hakim; Timothy K. Shih; Sandeli Priyanwada Kasthuri Arachchi; Wisnu Aditya; Yi-Cheng Chen
元智大學 Dec-19 漫畫樣式對新一代繪畫學習者繪圖風格之影響研究 陳麗秋
元智大學 Dec-19 Threshold Function Identification by Redundancy Removal and Comprehensive Weight Assignments 陳勇志; Chin-Heng Liu; Chia-Chun Lin; Chia-Cheng Wu; Chun-Yao Wang; Shigeru Yamashita
元智大學 Dec-19 Formulation of Pruning Maps with Rhythmic Neural Firing Feng-Sheng Tsai; Yi-Li Shih; Chin-Tzong Pang; Sheng-Yi Hsu
元智大學 Dec-19 Neuropeptide Y increases differentiation of human olfactory receptor neurons through the Y1 receptor Tsung-Wei Huang; Sheng-Tien Li; Chen D.-Y.; Tai-Horng Young
元智大學 Dec-19 Breast tumor classification using fast convergence recurrent wavelet Elman neural networks Enkh-Amgalan Boldbaatar; Lo-Yi Lin; Chih-Min Lin
元智大學 Dec-19 太宰治「皮膚と心」論ー「私」の語りを中心にー 廖秀娟
元智大學 Dec-19 國畫 書以讀書圖 Shih-Wen Kung
元智大學 Dec-19 脈衝-反脈衝對高縱深比之電鍍銅晶體微結構及其熱可靠度 黃保欽; 楊政憲; 李承宇; 張智皓; 胡毓隆; Cheng-En Ho
元智大學 Dec-19 書法 篆書圖 Shih-Wen Kung
元智大學 Dec-19 國家隊男子劍道選手運動傷害調查-以2018年第17屆韓國仁川世界劍道錦標賽為例 Cheng-Wen Wu; Wen-shan Yu
元智大學 Dec-19 跆拳道館常用的訓練器材研究 邱共鉦; Shu-Chen Chen
元智大學 Dec-19 Fault Tolerant Consensus with Multiagent Systems for Distributed Coordinated Control Algorithm in the Energy Internet Network Chung-Hung Hsieh; Chen Y.M.

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