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Institution Date Title Author
元智大學 Feb-20 Oxygen sensing device with capability of storing energy, releasing energy, generating specific gas and removing harmful gas 詹世弘; Guo-Bin Jung; Cheng-You Lin; Bo-Wei Huang; Shih-Yua Sun
元智大學 Feb-20 該投資哪一個未來? Sonic Wu
元智大學 Feb-20 Do short sellers exploit risky business models of banks? Evidence from two banking crises Chih-Yung Lin; Dien Giau Bui; Tse-Chun Lin
元智大學 Feb-20 Feasibility of enhancing production of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural using deep eutectic solvents as reaction media in a high-pressure reactor Wei-Chuan Chen; Yin-Chen Lin; I-Ming Chu; Li-Fen Wang; Shen-Long Tsai; Yu-Hong Wei
元智大學 Feb-20 Highly efficient blue and white light-emitting electrochemical cells employing substrates containing embedded diffusive layers Yan-Zhi Chen; Dian Luo; Chi-Haw Hsiang; Rong-Huei Yi; Ching-Hsuan Lin; Chin-Wei Lu*; Shun-Wei Liu; Chih-Hao Chang*; Hai-Ching Su*
元智大學 Feb-20 Image Classification Using Synchronized Rotation Local Ternary Pattern Huang-Chia Shih; Hsu-Yung Cheng; Jr-Chian Fu
元智大學 Feb-20 Type-2 fuzzy cerebellar model articulation control system design for MIMO uncertain nonlinear systems Chih-Min Lin; Ming-Shu Yang
元智大學 Feb-20 Correlating common clinical postural stability measurements with balance assessments Tien-Lung Sun; Chia-Hsuan Lee; CHUNG LIANG LAI; BERNARD C. JIANG
元智大學 Feb-20 Characterization of ZnO-Cu2O crystal films by electrochemical codeposition Ping-Wei Kuo (郭品緯); Chau-Kuang Liau
元智大學 Feb-20 Speciation and fate of toxic cadmium in contaminated paddy soils and rice using XANES/EXAFS spectroscopy Sikhumbuzo CharlesKunene; Kuen-Song Lin; Ndumiso VukileMdlovu; You-ShengLin; Ncobile BagezileMdlovu
元智大學 Feb-20 Interplay between doping and size effects on Y1-xEuxMn2O5 nanorods Ting-Wei Hsu; Chung-Cheun Yang; Yung-Hsiang Tung; Cheng-Wei Kao; Wei-Chun Wu; Yu-Ting Lee; Kuen-Song Lin
元智大學 Feb-20 Self-Calibration of Joint RF Impairments in a Loopback Wideband Transceiver Deng J.-H.; CHIA-FANG LEE; MENG-LIN KU; Hwang J.-K.
元智大學 Feb-20 Using Market Sentiment Analysis and Genetic Algorithm-Based Least Square Support Vector Regression to Predict Gold Prices 李昭慧; Fongching Yuan; Chaochang Chiu
元智大學 Feb-20 Decline in hospitalization for childhood asthma in different air pollution regions in Taiwan, 2001–2012 Ching-Yen Kuo; Chin-Kan Chan; Jing-Long Huang; Chiung-Yi Wu; Dinh-Van Phan; Huei-Yu Lo; Chien-Lung Chan
元智大學 Feb-20 A multi-criteria analysis for an internet of things application recommendation system Ibrahim Mashal; Osama Alsaryrah; Chung T.-Y.; Fongching Yuan
元智大學 Feb-20 Chaotic synchronization using self-evolving recurrent interval type-2 Petri cerebellar model articulation controller Tien-Loc Le; Tuan-Tu Huynh; Vu-Quynh Nguyen; Chih-Min Lin; Sung-Kyung Hong
元智大學 Feb-20 Effects of activation on the properties of electrospun carbon nanofibers and their adsorption performance for carbon dioxide Chiang Y.-C.; Cheng-Yen Wu; Yu-Jen Chen
元智大學 Feb-21 外推與多元他者 Chia-Huang Wang
元智大學 Feb-21 以中文進入東南亞電商市場 是好策略 朱訓麒
元智大學 Feb-21 Bioaccumulation of Trace Metals and Speciation of Copper and Zinc in Oysters (Crassostrea gigas) Using XANES/EXAFS Spectroscopies Sikhumbuzo Charles Kunene; Kuen-Song Lin; Ndumiso Vukile Mdlovu; Wei-Cheng Shih
元智大學 Feb-21 ECG arrhythmia classification by using a recurrence plot and convolutional neural network Bhekumuzi M. Mathunjwa; Yin-Tsong Lin; Chien-Hung Lin; Maysam F. Abbod,; J.S. Shieh
元智大學 Feb-21 Moggallāna’s Journey to Another Buddha-field: How a Mahāyāna Narrative Crept into the Ekottarika Āgama (T 125) Tse-fu Kuan
元智大學 Feb-21 Electroencephalography complexity in infantile spasms and its association with treatment response Yen-Ju Chu; Chi-Feng Chang; Wen-Chin Weng; Pi-Chuan Fan; J.S. Shieh; Wang-Tso Lee
元智大學 Feb-21 Pain & Stress detection using Wearable Sensors and devices – A Review Jerry Chen; Maysam Abbod; J.S. Shieh
元智大學 Feb-21 Fabrication of single crystal fiber-like ZnO/polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) films using the spray-drying approach 賴俊安; Chau-Kuang Liau

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