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Institution Date Title Author
國立成功大學 2016 Automated sampling decision scheme for the AVM system Cheng, Fan-Tien; Hsieh, Yao-Sheng; Chen, Chun-Fang; Lyu, Jhao-Rong
國立成功大學 2016 Improving product based on affordance with fuzzy theory for product development strategy Hsiao, Huei-Hua; Hsiao, Shih-Wen; Liang, Shen-Min
國立成功大學 2016 A novel data transformation model for small data-set learning Li, Der-Chiang; Wen, I-Hsiang; Chen, Wen-Chih
國立成功大學 2016 Automatic virtual metrology for wheel machining automation Yang, Haw-Ching; Tieng, Hao; Cheng, Fan-Tien
國立成功大學 2016 New multivariate process capability indices for measuring the performance of multivariate processes subject to non-normal distributions Pan, Jeh-Nan; Li, Chung-I; Shih, Wei-Chen
國立成功大學 2016 A Formulation Study of 5-Aminolevulinic Encapsulated in DPPC Liposomes in Melanoma Treatment Lin, Ming-Wei; Huang, Yaw-Bin; Chen, Chun-Lin; Wu, Pao-Chu; Chou, Chien-Ying; Wu, Ping-Ching; Hung, Shih-Ya
國立成功大學 2016 The Influence of Acute Hyperglycemia in an Animal Model of Lacunar Stroke That Is Induced by Artificial Particle Embolization Tsai, Ming-Jun; Lin, Ming-Wei; Huang, Yaw-Bin; Kuo, Yu-Min; Tsai, Yi-Hung
國立成功大學 2016 Factors affecting consumer stickiness to continue using mobile applications Fang, I-Chan; Fang, Shih-Chieh
國立成功大學 2016 The roles of extracellular vesicles in lung cancer Huang, Wei-Lun; Lin, Chien-Chung; Wu, Shang-Rung; Su, Wu-Chou
國立成功大學 2016 Ion-size effect on electrokinetic energy conversion in nanofluidic channels Yeh, Hung-Chun; Chang, Chih-Chang; Yang, Ruey-Jen
國立成功大學 2016 The Effect of Online Peer Assessment in Engineering Education: A Quasi-experimental Study Wang, Hei-Chia; Hsieh, Yi-Jung; Chen, Wei-Fan
國立成功大學 2016 Necdin Overexpression Predicts Poor Prognosis in Patients with Urothelial Carcinomas of the Upper Urinary Tract and Urinary Bladder Chang, I-Wei; Wang, Yu-Hui; Wu, Wen-Jeng; Liang, Peir-In; Li, Wei-Ming; Yeh, Bi-Wen; Wu, Ting-Feng; He, Hong-Lin; Huang, Steven Kuan-Hua; Li, Chien-Feng
國立成功大學 2016 SPOCK1 Overexpression Confers a Poor Prognosis in Urothelial Carcinoma Ma, Li-Jung; Wu, Wen-Jen; Wang, Yu-Hui; Wu, Ting-Feng; Liang, Peir-In; Chang, I-Wei; He, Hong-Lin; Li, Chien-Feng
國立成功大學 2016 Cellular Composition Changes and Nitrogen Uptake under Extra-Limited Nitrogen Conditions by Thermosynechococcus sp CL-1 Carbon Biofixation Chi-Ming, Tseng; Tzu-Hsing, Ko; Hsin-Ta, Hsueh; Hsing-Hui, Chen; Dah-Tong, Ray; Yun-Hwei, Shen; Hsin, Chu
國立成功大學 2016 Dissemination of evidence-base minimal psychological intervention for diabetes management in Taiwan adults with type 2 diabetes Chiu, Ching-Ju; Hu, Yi-Han; Wray, Linda A.; Beverly, Elizabeth A.; Yang, Yi-Ching; Wu, Jin-Shang; Lu, Feng-Hwa
國立成功大學 2016 Comparison of the Current Diagnostic Criterion of HbA1c with Fasting and 2-Hour Plasma Glucose Concentration Karnchanasorn, Rudruidee; Huang, Jean; Ou, Horng-Yih; Feng, Wei; Chuang, Lee-Ming; Chiu, Ken C.; Samoa, Raynald
國立成功大學 2016 Multicore PSO Operation for Maximum Power Point Tracking of a Distributed Photovoltaic System under Partially Shading Condition Chao, Ru-Min; Nasirudin, Ahmad; Wang, I-Kai; Chen, Po-Lung
國立成功大學 2016 Continuing Medical Education via Telemedicine and Sustainable Improvements to Health Wang, Fuhmei
國立成功大學 2016 Optical and electrical characterization of electrospun Al-doped zinc oxide nanofibers as transparent electrodes Cho, Yu-Yu; Kuo, Changshu
國立成功大學 2016 Solution-processable bipolar host materials composed of fluorenyl, carbazolyl and 1,3,4-oxadiazolyl derivatives: synthesis and application in phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodes Fan, Tso-Hsing; Chen, Yun
國立成功大學 2016 Nanotransfer printing of plasmonic nano-pleat arrays with ultra-reduced nanocavity width using perfluoropolyether molds Liang, Chia-Ching; Chang, Wen-Huei; Lin, Chun-Hung
國立成功大學 2016 Broad band plasmonic nanomaterials for high performance solar cells Sung, Yun-Ming; Lai, Ying-Chih; Tsai, Ming-Fong; Hsieh, Hsing-Hua; Yang, Min-Han; Wei, Philander Penn; Yeh, Chen-Sheng; Hsu, Fang-Chi; Chen, Yang-Fang
國立成功大學 2016 A GA-based approach for finding appropriate granularity levels of patterns from time series Chen, Chun-Hao; Tseng, Vincent S.; Yu, Hsieh-Hui; Hong, Tzung-Pei; Yen, Neil Y.
國立成功大學 2016 Analytical solution of spray cooling characteristics on a hot surface using the Laplace transform Chen, Han-Taw; Lin, Jing-Hong; Xu, Xiao-Jie; Liu, Chein-Shan; Chang, Jiang-Ren
國立成功大學 2016 The Role of Physical Fitness in the Neurocognitive Performance of Task Switching in Older Persons with Mild Cognitive Impairment Tsai, Chia-Liang; Pai, Ming-Chyi; Ukropec, Jozef; Ukropcova, Barbara

Showing items 1853351-1853375 of 2013325  (80533 Page(s) Totally)
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