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Institution Date Title Author
元智大學 2018-09-07 Time trends in asthma hospitalization in regions with differing air pollution in Taiwan, 2001-2012 郭靜燕; 詹金淦; 吳炯義; 詹前隆
農業試驗所 2018-09-08 (67(3): 309-317)利用夜間照光與割除枝葉以調控茭白筍採收期 黃晉興;蘇俊峰;陳泊菘; Jin-Hsing Huang;Jiunn-Feng Su;Po-Sung Chen
朝陽科技大學 2018-09-08 A study for the human factor model simulation of bicycle rehabilitation 黃裕哲; 時暄嵐
朝陽科技大學 2018-09-08 A study of the effects of different pedaling frequencies on heart rate and muscle fatigue 黃裕哲; 時暄嵐
淡江大學 2018-09-08 沒有神所在的一道微光—韓愛姐在《金瓶梅》中的隱喻 林偉淑
農業試驗所 2018-09-08 (技術服務 115: 35)農試所積極推動原鄉發展特色農業,促進原鄉產業升級六級化 蔡政諺;江秀娥
淡江大學 2018-09-08 新中國建國早期的勞動書寫與美學淵源初探----以《三里灣》、《創業史》及《山鄉巨變》為考察的起點 黃文倩
農業試驗所 2018-09-09 (67(3): 318-322)靈芝引起的檳榔基腐病 蔡志濃;安寶貞;林筑蘋;蔡惠玲; Jyh-Nong Tsai;Pao-Jen Ann;Chu-Ping Lin;Hui-Ling Tsai
國家衛生研究院 2018-09-09 Metformin decreases risk of tuberculosis infection in type 2 diabetes patients Tseng, CH
農業試驗所 2018-09-09 (技術服務 115: 36)農業試驗所研發雅美萬代蘭盆花品種,屢獲蘭花競賽得獎與國際蘭花協會肯定 吳容儀;謝廷芳
淡江大學 2018-09-09 Characteristics of Unsteady Aerodynamic Force on Tall Building Kim, Yong Chul;Lo, Yuan-Lung;Chang, Cheng-Hsin
美和科技大學 2018-09-10 Factors Affecting Quality Of Life in Patients with Hallux Valgus Chao1, Ju-Min;Cheng, Yuh-Min;Mei-Hua Chen1, Szu-Mei Hsiao;Lin, Pi-Li;Chang, Chi;Yang, Tsan
美和科技大學 2018-09-10 The Risk Factors Affecting Survival in Colorectal Cancer in Taiwan LEE, Chao-Hsien;CHENG, Shu-Chen;TUNG, Hong-Yi;CHANG, Shih-Chang;CHING, Ching-Yun;WU, Shu-Fen
國家衛生研究院 2018-09-10 Identification of novel mouse and rat CB1R isoforms and in silico modeling of human CB1R for peripheral cannabinoid therapeutics Liu, QR;Huang, NS;Qu, H;O’Connell, JF;Gonzalez-Mariscal, I;Santa-Cruz-Calvo, S;Doyle, ME;Xi, ZX;Wang, Y;Onaivi, ES;Egan, JM
農業試驗所 2018-09-10 (技術服務 115: 37)農試所育成耐儲藏台農74號「金香」甘藷,開始授權生產健康種苗,提供農友新選擇 賴永昌;楊宏仁
國家衛生研究院 2018-09-10 Integrating perceivers neural-perceptual responses using a deep voting fusion network for automatic vocal emotion decoding Hsieh, WT;Yang, HC;Wu, YT;Tsai, FS;Kuo, LW;Lee, CC
國立成功大學 2018-09-10 國際太陽能電池技術領域產官學合作關係分析 周代瑋; Chou, Tai-Wei
元智大學 2018-09-10 Synthesis and Characterization of Pluronic F127-Iron Oxide Magnetic Nanocomposites for Drug Delivery Systems 張慈文; 陳芸; 杜米; 綺莉; 林祐生; 李志甫; Mdlovu, Ncobile Bagezile; Kuen-Song Lin
元智大學 2018-09-10 Venture Capitalists and Earnings Management Ruei-Shian Wu; Huai-Chun Lo; Ruei-Yu Wu
元智大學 2018-09-10 Venture Capitalists and Earnings Management Ruei-Shian Wu; Huai-Chun Lo; Ruei-Yu Wu
淡江大學 2018-09-11 Tight-binding calculations of optical matrix elements for conductivity using non-orthogonal atomic orbitals: Anomalous Hall conductivity in bcc Fe Lee, Chi-Cheng;Lee, Yung-Ting;Fukuda, Masahiro;Ozaki, Taisuke
元智大學 2018-09-11 Reductive Degradation of TCE, PCE, and 1,2–DCE DNAPLs in Contaminated Groundwater Uisng Polyethylenimine-Modified Zero-Valent Iron Nanoparticles 賴宥甯; 陳重諭; 林祐生; 杜米; 李志甫; Kuen-Song Lin
元智大學 2018-09-11 Copper, Nickel, and Zinc Cations Biosorption Properties of Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative MerP Mercury-Resistance Proteins Kuen-Song Lin
元智大學 2018-09-11 Synthesis, Characterization, and CO2 Hydrogenation Efficiencies of Ni-Ga Catalysts for Methanol Formation 賴逸凡; 江昭龍; 陳政龍; 李志甫; Kuen-Song Lin
元智大學 2018-09-11 Removal of TNT, RDX, and HMX Explosives Contaminated Groundwater Using a Permeable Zero Valent Iron Nanoparticle Barrier 李志甫; 杜米; Septian, Sat; Kuen-Song Lin

Showing items 1981676-1981700 of 2028594  (81144 Page(s) Totally)
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