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機構 日期 題名 作者
元智大學 Jan-20 Effects of specific pathogen-free porcine platelet-rich plasma activated by the novel activator ectoine on cell proliferation and biological function Chao-Ling Yao; Yung-Wen Chi; Tseng-Ting Kao; Yen-Liang Liu; Tzeon-Jye Chiou; Yi-Ting Lai
元智大學 Jan-20 DeepETC: A deep convolutional neural network architecture for investigating and classifying electron transport chain''s complexes Nguyen Quoc Khanh Le; Quang-Thai Ho; Edward Kien Yee Yapp; Yu-Yen Ou; Hui-Yuan Yeh
元智大學 Jan-20 Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Architecture for Software-defined TWDM-PON I-Shyan Hwang; Ardian Rianto; Andrew Fernando Pakpahan
元智大學 Jan-20 Cyclonic plasma surface hydrophilization of polysulfone membrane material Ching-Yuan Tsai; Chao-Yi Chang; Chih-Wei Chien; Li-Ko Huang; Chun Huang
元智大學 Jan-20 Fluorescence of Functionalized Graphene Quantum Dots Prepared from Infrared-Assisted Pyrolysis of Citric Acid and Urea S. Gu; Chien-Te Hsieh; C.-Y. Yuan; Y. Ashraf Gandomi; J.-K. Chang; C.-C. Fu; J.-W. Yang; R.-S. Juang
元智大學 Jan-20 Thermal Transport on Composite Thin Films Using Graphene Nanodots and Polymeric Binder S. Gu; Chien-Te Hsieh; W.-C. Lin; Y. Ashraf Gandomi
元智大學 Jan-20 Amino-functionalization on Graphene Oxide Sheets Using an Atomic Layer Amidation Technique S. Gu; Chien-Te Hsieh; B.C. Mallick; Y. Ashraf Gandomi; J.-K. Chang; J. Li; P.K. Liaw
元智大學 Jan-20 Enhanced reductive dechlorination of trichloroethene with immobilized Clostridium butyricum in silica gel Kai-Hung Lo; Che-Wei Lu; Wei-Han Lin; Chien C.-C.; Ssu-Ching Chen; Chih-Ming Kao
元智大學 Jan-20 Effect of direct ultrasound synthesis via a sesquihydrate route on bismuth-promoted vanadyl pyrophosphate catalysts Kang Zhi Goo; Yeow Hong Yap; Kuen-Song Lin; Loong Kong Leong
元智大學 Jan-20 Roles of Ancillary Chelates and Overall Charges of Bis-Tridentate Ir(III) Phosphors for OLED Applications Ling-Yang Hsu; Deng-Gao Chen; Shih-Hung Liu; Ting-Ya Chiu; Chih-Hao Chang*; Alex K.-Y. Jen*; Pi-Tai Chou*; Yun Chi*
元智大學 Jan-20 Calcium‐dependent methylation by PRMT1 promotes erythroid differentiation through the p38α MAPK pathway Mei-Yin Liu; Wei-Kai Hua; Yi-Ying Chiou; Chi-Ju Chen; Chao-Ling Yao; Yi-Ting Lai; Chao-Hsiung Lin; Wey-Jinq Lin
元智大學 Jan-20 電滲透幫浦膜組之研究 陳誼樺; 陳漢強; Chang Y.-C.
元智大學 Jan-20 Bank Liquidity, Macroeconomic Risk, and Bank Risk: Evidence from the Financial Services Modernization Act I-Ju Chen; Yu-Yi Lee; Yong-Chin Liu
元智大學 Jan-20 Tree-Structured Regional CNN-LSTM Model for Dimensional Sentiment Analysis Jin Wang; Liang-Chih Yu; K. Lai; Xuejie Zhang
元智大學 Jan-20 寫在前面ー夏目漱石的人生絮語 廖秀娟
元智大學 Jan-20 Approach to the segmentation of buttons from an elevator inside door image Chen Y.-S.; Yu-Ching Hsu
元智大學 Jan-20 A Simple Baseline Correction Method for Raman Spectra Chen Y.-S.; Yu-Ching Hsu
元智大學 Jan-20 退火處理 謝正輝; 林品仲; 劉弘晟; Cheng-En Ho
元智大學 Jan-20 含蒽基團之有機電激發光材料以及有機發光二極體元件 Tien-Lung Chiu; 李君浩; 梁文傑; 林奇鋒; 侯良儒; 范伯安; 蕭政琛
元智大學 Jan-20 應用於SLAM系統的標記點參數化更新方法及其裝置 高峻; 徐丹; Chin-Hung Teng; Yu-Ting Tsai; I-Cheng Yeh
元智大學 Jan-20 應用於SLAM系統的標記點參數化更新方法及其裝置 高峻; 徐丹; Chin-Hung Teng; Yu-Ting Tsai; I-Cheng Yeh
元智大學 Jan-20 導航方法及其裝置 C.F.Lin
元智大學 Jan-20 An Optimized Fractional Grey Prediction Model for Carbon Dioxide Emissions Forecasting Yi-Chung Hu; Peng Jiang; Jung-Fa Tsai; Ching-Ying Yu
元智大學 Jan-20 Personalized Rehabilitation Recognition Model upon ANFIS Yao-Chiang Kan; Yu-Chieh Kuo; Hsueh-Chun Lin
元智大學 Jan-20 EZ-Print: Transparent String-Like Pottery Design System Chor-Kheng Lim

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