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Institution Date Title Author
臺大學術典藏 2018-09-10T14:54:50Z

A new hybrid from Taiwan, Elatostema ×hybrida (Urticaceae), is the first confirmed natural hybrid for Urticaceae

Yu-Hsin Tseng;Jer-Ming Hu; Yu-Hsin Tseng; Jer-Ming Hu; JER-MING HU
國立成功大學 2015-08 Ozone-Driven Circuit Design Enhanced With an Improved Half-Bridge Inverter of Wide-Input-Voltage Capability Huang, Shyh-Jier; Hung, Te-Chun; Lin, Chun-Wei
臺北醫學大學 2008 Ozone-induced nasal hyperresponsiveness to tachykinins in guinea pigs 蔡恒惠; Ching-Yin Ho; Ching-Ting Tan; Hung-Huey Tsai; Y. R. Kou
臺大學術典藏 2022-03-04T06:53:48Z Ozone-induced nasal hyperresponsiveness to tachykinins in guinea pigs Ho C.-Y.; CHING-TING TAN; Tsai H.-H.; Kou Y.R.
國立臺灣大學 2008-09 Ozone-induced nasal hyperresponsiveness to tachykinins in guinea pigs. HO, CHING-YIN; TAN, CHING-TING; TSAI, HUNG-HUEY; KOU, YU-RU; 何青吟; 譚慶鼎; 蔡恆惠; 高毓儒
國家衛生研究院 2024-02-16 Ozone-related acute excess mortality projected to increase in the absence of climate and air quality controls consistent with the Paris Agreement Domingo, NGG; Fiore, AM; Lamarque, JF; Kinney, PL; Jiang, L; Gasparrini, A; Breitner, S; Lavigne, E; Madureira, J; Masselot, P; Silva, SDNPD; Sheng Ng, CF; Kyselý, J; Guo, Y; Tong, S; Kan, H; Urban, A; Orru, H; Maasikmets, M; Pascal, M; Katsouyanni, K; Samoli, E; Scortichini, M; Stafoggia, M; Hashizume, M; Alahmad, B; Diaz, MH; De la Cruz Valencia, C; Scovronick, N; Garland, RM; Kim, H; Lee, W; Tobias, A; Íñiguez, C; Forsberg, B; Åström, C; Ragettli, MS; Guo, YL; Pan, SC; Colistro, V; Bell, M; Zanobetti, A; Schwartz, J; Schneider, A; Vicedo-Cabrera, AM; Chen, K
國立交通大學 2014-12-08T15:02:00Z Ozonolysis of 2-endo-7-anti-diacylnorbornenes. A new entry for the synthesis of 2,4,6,13-tetraoxapentacyclo[,11).0(5,9).0(8,12)]tridecanes Wu, HJ; Chern, JH; Wu, CY
國立交通大學 2014-12-08T15:26:50Z Ozonolysis of bis-endo-diacylbicyclo[2.2.1]heptenes in dichloromethane-methanol Lin, Hui-Chang; Lin, Chu-Chung; Wu, Hsien-Jen
中國醫藥大學 2011-07 Ozonolysis of Bis-endo-diacylbicyclo[2.2.1]heptenes in Dichloromethane-Methanol 林煇章(Hui-Chang Lin); (Chu-Chung Lin); (Hsien-Jen Wu)*
國立成功大學 2021-02-08 O端β-N-乙醯葡萄醣胺轉移酶在登革病毒引起血小板低下之角色 江欣俞; Chiang, Hsin-Yu
臺大學術典藏 1997-06 p - p-prime strings in M(atrix) theory PEI-MING HO; Ho, Pei-Ming and Li, Miao and Wu, Yong-Shi
國立成功大學 2022 P cresonances in the compact pentaquark picture Ruangyoo, W.;Phumphan, K.;Xu, K.;Chen, Chen C.-C.;Limphirat, A.;Yan, Yan Y.
朝陽科技大學 2013-05-17 P for U廁所創業創意發想 劉雅嵐;羅秀麗;余采;甯薇欣;林煜坪
國立中山大學 2008 P MR Spectroscopic Assessment of Muscle in Patients with Myasthenia Gravis befor and after Thymectomy: Initial Experience S.F. Ko; C.C. Huang; M.J. Hsieh; S.H. Ng; C.C. Lee; T.K. Lin; M.C. Chen; L. Lee
臺北醫學大學 2003 P wave polarities of an arrhythmogenic focus in patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation originating from superior vena cava or right superior pulmonary vein. 謝敏雄; Kuo JY; Tai CT; Tsao HM; Hsieh MH; Tsai CF; Lin WS; Lin YK; Ding YA; Hou CJ; Tsai CH; Chen SA.
國立臺灣大學 2004 P Wave Separation after Atrial Compartment Operation for Atrial Fibrillation 駱惠銘; 林芳郁; 曾淵如; LO, HUEY-MING; LIN, FANG-YUE; TSENG, YUNG -ZU
國立交通大學 2014-12-12T02:20:53Z p 型氮化鎵金屬接觸之電性研究 吳岱隆; Dai-long Wu; 李威儀; Wei-I Lee
國立中山大學 2011-08-30 P 型熱電材料Bi0.5Sb1.5Te3 之合成與分析 鄭安良
國立臺灣大學 2005-07-31 P 血型系統的分子遺傳學研究(1/3) 余榮熾
國立臺灣大學 2007-07-31 P 血型系統的分子遺傳學研究(3/3) 余榮熾
國立交通大學 2014-12-12T02:08:29Z P 通道底閘複晶矽薄膜電晶體之製程效應 陳東波; CHEN,DONG-PO; 雷添福; 謝太炯; LEI,TIAN-FU; XIE,TAI-JIONG
國立成功大學 2008 p 通道橫向擴散矽金氧半元件之可靠度研究 陳志方
國立臺灣體育運動大學 2010-09-12 P&G阿肯色錦標賽 2周調校見效 曾雅妮衝出第2 加強推桿鐵桿 耐心拼勝 上半身爆發力備受讚揚 陳國偉
國立臺灣體育運動大學 2010-09-13 P&G阿肯色錦標賽 全程同組卯上魏聖美 曾雅妮小輸3桿居次 急起直追後9洞零柏忌 君子之爭不吝讚揚對手/魏聖美VS.曾雅妮 黎建忠

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